Apple: merging iPhone and Macbook in one device, is that even possible?

Apple is allegedly working on a possibility that the A14 Bionic chip of the iPhone will be the main processor of the new MacBook.

September is now upon everyone. In other words, there are only four more months left for the tech companies to take a swing at the market. Both Apple and Samsung still both have big events lined up. However, it is Apple’s new iPhone 12 and the ARM-powered computers that the majority is excited for.

COVID-19 permitting, Apple is expected to release its first computer shipping with the ARM chipset. It is an exciting thought as it will be a new chapter in the company’s computer department. Will it succeed, or will it fail? Up to this point, the majority can only rely on Apple’s words.

As far as its consumers are concerned, Apple says that the transition will be extremely smooth.

MacBook and iPhone unification?

Ewan Spence of Forbes is pointing to the idea that Apple is quick to implement the change because it already has the tools it needs. To carry out the transition, Apple is only slotting in the A14 Bionic chip from the iPhone to the MacBook. He calls it informally as the ‘iOS-ification’ of the MacOS Big Sur.

There is a lot of weight on this assumption. Apple is tinkering on the idea that working on the iPadOS, iOS, and the macOS will be seamless. In other words, individual apps that run on the respective operating systems can also work interchangeably.

What this means is that the line among these three devices and operating systems will be blurred. It also means productivity will be carried on a higher level because of smooth transitions.

Is the MacBook Air a goner?

Considering that the new ARM chipsets are more efficient, Apple is expected to release thinner and even more efficient laptops. There will be no need for cooling fans anymore. Also, battery capacity will be at an all-time high. Analysts expect the MacBooks to run on 20 hours at full charge.

In other words, the MacBook Air’s best selling proposition is now rendered useless. Ewan Spence has floated the idea that the MacBook Air line up will be culled. In its stead, Apple will trim down its laptop offerings to just the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. After all, the laptops that they are expected to produce might even be as thinner and more powerful than the MacBook Airs right now.


Image used courtesy of Extarz/Shutterstock

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