Apple is planning to launch its first self-driving car by 2024, says Reuters

Apple is gazing upon making a car once again. Seriously, once again, Apple is trying to make a car. As per reports of Reuters, Apple is in the way of a passenger vehicle.

This vehicle is a self-driving car and a “breakthrough battery technology.” By 2024, Apple is planning for the launch of this self-driving car.

Previously, Apple also tried making such a self-driving car. As of now, the report seems vague about how Apple will make the self-driving car.

As far as the reports are concerned, the technicalities for making the self-driving car is still not precise.

What is Apple planning for?

But this time, Apple is determined to make a self-driving car. This car will be an evolution of the automobile industry.

But now, Apple is looking forward to coming up with a self-driving car, after previously shutting down plans of making a self-driving car.

Before this, rumors were buzzing the market of Apple developing a car in 2015. But in 2016, the fully developed car was significantly scrapped down by the tech giant.

Apple turned down this plan on a considerable scale. During that time, Apple started refocusing on the software that will help the car manufacturers to provide the self-driving feature.

Simultaneously, 200 people were taken out of Apple’s car manufacturing team last year.

Now it seems that the company is once again on the track of making the self-driving car. Still, there is much uncertainty about when it will happen.

Not the first attempt of making a self-driving car

Does a significant question arise of when this vehicle comes into action? As per the reports of Reuters, the company is trying for the car till 2024.

But, the plan of bringing the vehicle into the market can be pushed further by the tech giant.

The plan can be pushed back into 2025 or even beyond that. This delay is prominent because of pandemic-related situation.

As the employees and lockdown are about this pandemic crisis, developing an in-house self-driving vehicle is tough.

As per the leaked sources, it is entirely relying on third parties. It depends on third parties for every single component of its self-driving vehicle.

The components even involve those LIDAR systems. As of now, Apple’s battery majorly relies on the “monocell” feature.

Monocell batteries are used more vividly because it can easily fit into the overall battery system.

This will reduce the chances of creating discrete cells. As per the reports, monocells are potentially more potent than normal battery cells used in cars. Along with that, these monocells are also available at lower costs.


Image courtesy of Anton_Ivanov/Shutterstock

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