Apple is tracking looters that stole iPhones during US riots

Apple is tracking looters that stole iPhones during US riots

Apple is disabling the iPhones that were looted from store shelves during the riots in the U.S. Looters were asked to return the stolen devices to the stores.

The past few months have been grim for the U.S. When the Coronavirus arrived in its backyard, the country immediately became the epicenter of the pandemic. Up until now, it is still reeling from a faulty healthcare system. According to several reports, preparation was lacking for the response to the virus. As such, hospitals and healthcare workers are overwhelmed.

Even though the virus hasn’t been contained yet, another problem has emerged. The recent death of George Floyd has sparked outrage across America. People have taken to the streets their grievances in the forms of riot and looting. The looters spared no store. Mom-and-pop stores up to high-end branded stores were looted.

Looters are being tracked

Not all looters thought their acts through. Looters that stole from regular local stores can escape from liability scot-free. On the other hand, those that stole from Apple are in a lot of trouble.

Several reports have surfaced that Apple is actively disabling all iPhones stolen from Apple Stores across the U.S. As soon as the phones are switched on, the looters are immediately notified of the situation. Apple still hasn’t officially commented on the offense that they are taking.

Nevertheless, the disabling is real, and several posts regarding the matter have surfaced on social media. The chances of these phones ending up being used are slim. They will most likely be sold for parts rather than as a whole. Be that as it may, the stolen phones still pose a tremendous amount of risk for unwitting buyers. For all they know, they could be on the other end of a setup where authorities could tag the unknowing buyers as looters.

Tim Cook speaks out

Apple CEO Tim Cook has released an official statement regarding the killing of George Floyd. His piece focused on the continued discrimination to certain sectors of society.

He emphasized that ‘we have to do more.’ The commitment of the company, according to him, has always been to ‘create technology that empowers people to change the world for the better.’

For a more concrete action, Apple will be donating to organizations such as the Equal Justice Initiative, which challenge racial injustice and mass incarceration.

Image courtesy of Yiranding/ Unsplash



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