Apple launches Express Storefront to surge safe product pickups

Apple has always been pinnacle at serving its users. The Apple Express Storefront is a store that helps the customers to pick up their Apple products during the COVID-19.

Apple is expanding its Express Storefront, catering to the need of every customer associated with the franchise.

Apple is also trying to expand the Express Storefront as new and fresh products have been launched this year as it has been the busiest product launch year for Apple.

This year, tech fans have eyes for the most-awaited Apple product, the iPhone 12, and all version models such as iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Mini.

The tech giant also launched MagSafe accessories, HomePod Mini, and a crisp iPad Air, that is expected to come in-store by mid-November.

90% of US Apple stores, which counts to 271 stores, has reopened by 18th October. All the stores have reopened except 14 locations; they haven’t started the store in their full capacity.

This pandemic has shown a drastic effect on every business, whether it be any mobile store or a clothing brand, so it did Apple.

After closing, opening, again closing due to the pandemic surge, Apple has gradually reopened all its Apple Stores, which will operate only by appointment.

Ready for Apple product’s pickup

Many Apple users or customers are still not aware that they will pick up their most awaited iPhone 12 from the nearest store available, as the reopening of stores wasn’t on plan.

As of now, 23 Apple stores in eight U.S. states have adopted the method of catering Apple products to the customer with the Apple Express Storefront.

Along with this, three in France, two U.K. branches, and one in Canada have also adopted the same method to gratify Apple products.

13 of these stores in the U.S. will reopen between October 18 and October 20, as the U.S. has seen COVID-19 cases’ resurgence.

The Express Storefront will help the customers pick up their Apple products from Apple stores by following social distancing and safety precautions referring to COVID-19.

It will also reduce the travel expenses that a customer would have incurred to the nearest open store.

Format and design of Apple Express Storefront

The format of Apple Express Storefront was introduced in Burlingame, California. The store will have a temporary wall at the entrance or a kiosk outside, product display shelves, and a sales section with a plexiglass shield.

The service is only available for online orders and Genius Support by appointment. Apple Express Storefront will allow the customers to enter the Apple store with a shopping appointment only.

The methods related to picking up orders from Apple Express Storefront are described in the Apple Store application.

Image courtesy of ymgerman/Shutterstock

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