Apple leaves OS X for macOS Big Sur with biggest redesign, enhancements

Apple leaves OS X for MacOS Big Sur with biggest redesign, enhancements

Apple finally revealed macOS Big Sur during the WWDC 2020. This only means the end of the line for its classic OS X.

Among all of the OS that Apple set to introduce on its day one of WWDC 2020, its macOS Big Sur was revealed last, to obviously follow its biggest announcement that’ll power the next operation system—Apple Silicon.

This was a big day for Apple. However, for its users, it does mean the end of the line of macOS X. After almost 20 years with the OS branding, Apple decided to shift to a new name that’ll best describe their new OS innovation—the macOS Big Sur.

Redesigned dock, sidebar, and toolbar addition

first to be revealed is the new all-new elegant design of the famed Mac dock where it floats at the bottom of the desktop. Its app icons also got refreshed design enhancements.

The general interface has been redesigned as well with the addition of the compacted space-efficient toolbar and sidebar for most of its apps—Photos, Finder, Notes, among all others.

Others may be happy to note that the color customization is back on Mail. Filtering and search are optimized to be a click away. There’s an all-new version of iWork as well.

Apple also brought the control center to Mac in a very convenient set-up, right up next to the Wifi and Sound options at the top right. The notification center has been reinvented and is made accessible by clicking on the time.

Refreshed interface design for macOS Big Sur

Integration of other updates from iOS 14

Meanwhile, other updates that are expected to arrive in Apple’s mobile platform, will be integrated into the macOS Big Sur. One of which is the calibration of the iMessage update.

iMessage conversation is set to receive powerful improvements and Mac users will definitely experience the massive change.

Another update integration that will transpire is with Maps. It has a stunning new design on the macOS Big Sur.

Aside from the iOS 14 integration, Maps there are the added features of “Favorites,” “Create Guides,” and “Indoor Maps.” Mac Catalyst got a big upgrade as well.

Privacy-centered enhancement to Safari

Biggest Safari update ever

One of the highlights of macOS Big Sur is the massive upgrade to Apple’s famed browser, the Safari.

Safari has been the world’s fastest desktop browser, as Apple boasted during the event. It reportedly runs 50x faster than Chrome.

The emphasized features to arrive in Safari are Native language translation capability, Extensions with modifiable permission, customizable start page, icons shown in Tabs, and the intelligent tracking prevention and Privacy report buttons.

the Privacy-centered updates are one of Apple’s admirable announcement, considering the online hacking and other cybercrimes that are rampant these days.


Feature image courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot, all other images courtesy Apple Newsroom

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