Apple M1 chip blows away the competition

Apple M1 chip blows away the competition

The Apple M1 chip is destroying competition in overall daily use performance despite its early software compatibility problems.

Last year, Apple announced that future Mac computers will run using its very own Apple Silicon chips. It seemed like the company felt chained down because it had to rely on the developments made by Intel. As a result, the progress of their computers was also hampered.

Tim Cook also announced that the first Apple Silicon-powered computer would release before 2020 ended. They made true on their promise as the MacBook Pro with M1 Chip was released in November 2020.

The verdict is in, and reviewers can’t help but feel giddy about the future of Mac with Apple Silicons.

Apple M1 Chip powered MacBook Pro is something else

During the keynote presentation last November, tech reviewers were quick to dismiss the claims made by Apple on the M1 chip. They noticed that Apple all had empty claims without figures to support the alleged performance of the M1 Chip.

However, they were quick to retract their claims as they got their hands on the actual performance of Apple’s newest laptop. The M1 MacBook Pro stood out in two key areas. The first is its ultra-fast performance, and the second is its long-lasting battery charge.

Optimized apps are keys to a buttery-smooth operation

Apple is known to always lose on paper when compared to other devices. This is true for the iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks. However, these numbers on paper don’t factor in the tight-knit integration that Apple has perfected over the years.

After all, Apple wanted to make its own processors precisely for the perfect software and hardware mix. The majority of reviewers immediately noticed how impeccable the performance of the M1 MacBook Pro when running native MacOS apps. This is true when running Safari, Mail, and other apps.

However, the M1 MacBook Pro still lags behind in terms of non-native apps such as Adobe Photoshop. Nevertheless, it will only be a matter of time until third-party developers fully integrate their software to run with the M1 chip.

M1 MacBook Pro battery life is in a class of its own

Given the tight-knit integration of software and hardware, Apple is able to deliver an ultra-efficient device. According to reviewers, they get up to 10-hours of real-life usage on the laptop with a single charge.

It can even run multiple applications without the chassis heating up or the internals throttling. In other words, the M1 MacBook Pro always operates at a calibrated level where the processor works in-sync with the application running.


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