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Apple MacBook, is 5G making its way to Apple’s laptops?


Apple MacBooks, powered by the Apple Silicon, could reportedly come with 5G connections because of the company’s chipsets.

In a few weeks, Apple will unveil one of its biggest events to date. After announcing the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon, the company is expected to do good on its promise this year. Recent leaks reveal that Apple could launch its first-ever Apple Silicon-powered laptop.

Alongside it will be a new iPad, the newest lineup of the iPhone 12, and two new Apple Watches. The iPhone 12 will be the company’s first 5G capable device. However, recent reports and analyses posit that the feature could also make its way to the iPads and MacBooks.

Could 5G work with Apple MacBook?

In 2021, Apple is expected to refresh its MacBook lineup completely. However, even as early as the end of the year, they are rumored to be pushing for an early release. There is no confirmation as to which Mac product it will be. However, there is just a toss-up between a re-released MacBook 12-inch or an iMac.

So how could Apple be this fast in releasing the new laptops? The answer lies with the processors used in both its iPhones and iPads. Apple reveals that these chipsets are powerful enough to run a full iOS on a Mac product. As such, transitioning for the company isn’t as complicated as starting from scratch.

Therefore a question that begs to be asked is, could Apple finally ship MacBooks with cellular connections? Many of its rivals already have this feature, and Apple is already late for more than a decade. Nothing has stopped the company from implementing this before. However, now that they know their devices inside-out down to the chipsets, a 5G antenna could finally find its way to the devices.

Apparent MacBook 12-inch resurrection

Many products in Apple will heavily rely on the success of the first Mac device that will use the Apple Silicon. Early rumors report that it will not be the iMac that will debut with the new chipset. Instead, Apple will be bold to initiate a resurrection of the previously discontinued MacBook 12-inch.

The ultra-thin device was a problematic laptop. It served its purpose for portability. Unfortunately, it fell short in delivering performance. To add more fuel to the fire, the overall build of the laptop was also questionable.

Be that as it may, it seems like the problem is already way behind them. Apple Silicons need less power to function at top speeds. Therefore, they don’t need a big laptop internal real estate to run. So put two and two together, the old chassis of the MacBook 12-inch could be the perfect springboard for the new Apple Silicon.

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