Apple Macbook Pro 2020 is missing important features

We may not expect an Apple Silicon Macbook Pro this year. Why? Because it’s already on their hardware, Apple confirms.

This could be bad news for spectators as rumors are circulating that Apple might not be able to release the much-awaited Silicon Macbook Pro this year. Thanks to tipster Komiya.

In his tweet, Komiya said that his source suggests that there will be no October event at which Apple is to unveil Apple’s Silicon Macbooks and more. But what seems to be the cause of postponement?

The Missing Features on Macbook Pro

According to TomsGuide, the missing puzzle to its device is in the hardware causing the postponement of launching Apple’s Silicon Macbook Pro in September or October launch.

It’s been undeniable, the effort of the Cupertino company to shy away from using Intel chips and rely on its chips. Mac has relied heavily on Intel chips, and the company’s vision is to come up with their chips. The company was able to create its chips for its iPads and iPhones together with their latest iPhone 11.

A-series ARM-based chips are currently working on the mentioned devices using the A13 Bionic chips.

But the concern here is that ARM’s RISC architecture is different from the x86 architecture Intel chips use, and it will take effort both for the software and even for their hardware aspects. Microsoft noted this for its Surface Pro X that uses ARM-based Snapdragon chips.

Apple Macbook Pro 2020 Is Missing Some Important Features

Does this Affect Other Apple Products?

This could take more time as Apple is forcing out Mac mini machines using the A12Z chips in the iPad Pro 2020. This is intended for the developers to fit the apps from x86 to RISC architecture.

This could lead us to the conclusion that we may not exactly see a Silicon Macbook Pro this year, and the reports for this year might be wrong. But we can expect to see the unveiling of the Apple Watch 6 this September and, of course, the iPhone 12 models that come into the series of unveilings.

With that being said, it is safe to assume that we will not be able to see new Macbook models this year, and we have to extend our patience until 2021. But who knows, Apple is known for its soft-launches, like what they did for their iMac 27-inch 2020, which they launched with no grand showcase. There are also rumors that since the availability of Apple’s chips seems bleak for now, it is said that their chips will be installed into their existing Macbook Pro designs.

Maybe we can expect a specification refresh rather than having an all-new design for now.

Image used courtesy of Digital Trends/YouTube Screenshot

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