Apple Magic Keyboards has a problem, it drains iPad Pro battery even when idle

The Apple Magic Keyboard users have complained about the new accessory draining the battery of the iPad Pro at an unusual rate.

Apple has acknowledged the issue by offering free warranty replacement. Apple directly challenged Microsoft’s Surface Pro when it released iPad Pro 2020 with the Magic Keyboard.

Apple claims that people’s next laptop isn’t a laptop, but instead an iPad Pro 2020 with a keyboard folio. The Magic keyboard allows a full laptop-like experience in a tablet.

Apple Magic Keyboard issues

Several users have brought up that they are experiencing unusual battery drain on their iPad when the Magic Keyboard is attached. Some have reported that the battery on the iPad Pro drains up to 25% even with just light usage such as writing. When they remove the Magic Keyboard and watch online videos, the battery of the iPad Pro only loses 40% of its charge.

There is still no clear explanation for the battery drain issue yet, but Apple has since acknowledged the problem. The company has offered free replacements for units that allegedly do drain the batteries of the iPad Pro.

An Apple insider website started a poll on the matter and has received equal splits on the response. As of writing, only 34.4% responded that they experienced the problem. 35.5% were unsure if they were experiencing the issue, and 29.96% said that they didn’t have any problem with their units.

Apple iPad Pro 2020 re-release

Despite the issues on the Magic Keyboard, Apple is rumored to be releasing another version of the iPad Pro 2020. Should Apple proceed with the launch, it will be an unusual move for them to release two similar devices in one year. Nevertheless it is still something to look forward to because of the rumored upgrades.

The iPad Pro 2020 might be 5G capable in its next iteration. The upgrade means that the iPad Pro will really be a powerful laptop replacement considering that users do not have to be in a place where there is a hotspot connection.

The re-release of the iPad Pro 2020 may see the next upgrade in screen technology. Most new devices released this year use OLED panels for their screens. The OLED panel is undoubtedly a beautiful screen to look at.

Nevertheless, Apple might adopt the next big movement in screen, which is mini-LED screens. The mini-LED technology means that screens will soon have a true black color because of the individual LED units that the OLED screen cannot mimic.

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