Apple MagSafe Duo, arriving soon after certification

Apple MagSafe Duo, arriving soon after certification

The second installment of the Apple MagSafe charger tool is expected to come anytime soon as it passes certification in Korea.

In less than a week, the biggest transition during the lifetime of Apple will happen. It will now be safe to say that the company has gone full circle. From previously relying on third party suppliers, Apple is officially going independent.

It will no longer have to be tethered by the slow development of Intel. As a result, it will also not have to retrofit their futuristic designs with dated parts. These developments are, of course, well and good.

However, there are still some products that need to see the light of day to fully complete the Apple excitement. It is particularly true for the MagSafe Duo chargers.

MagSafe Duo finally clears certification in Korea

During the iPhone 12 launch, Apple inadvertently made the MagSafe accessory more interesting than the phone itself. This was probably a result of the heavy leaks on the details of its newest phones. In the case of the chargers, they were announced completely out of the blue.

As a result, the reviews and fans were immediately drawn to the novelty of the beloved accessory. So far, only the MagSafe charger is available for purchase. The other accessory, the MagSafe Duo, has still yet to be released. Apple also didn’t clarify when this charger will be released.

Fortunately, MacRumors picked up the news that the charger has just passed certification in the Korean National Radio Research Agency. In other words, it will only be a matter of time until this item hits the shelves in Apple Stores.

Questions that need to be answered about the charger

Initial reviews have generally been positive about the MagSafe charger. The magnet has a pretty sturdy attachment to the phone. When the phone is lifted while charging, the puck goes with it. For those that like to use their phones while charging, this is actually a good feature.

However, this question remains a mystery for the MagSafe Duo. Naturally, only customers with an Apple Watch will purchase the unique charger. The habit of the majority is probably to charge their phones and watch at night. The MagSafe Duo makes this possible now in just a single device.

Unfortunately, if the habit of the users is to pick up and use their phones at night, that will spell trouble for the Apple Watch. The MagSafe Duo does not offer the same versatility as the basic charger puck. When the phone lifted, it wouldn’t make sense for the entire MagSafe charger along with the charging Apple Watch to be brought up.

Therefore, this is one issue that Apple will have to address. Some reviewers suggest attaching some sort of adhesive to keep the charging puck or pad in place.


Image from Apple/ YouTube screenshot

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