Apple Music, other streaming platforms playing racist songs

An investigation by BBC recently revealed that Apple Music and other major streaming platforms are playing racist music.

According to Apple Insider, BBC News’ current investigation shows that Apple Music and many platforms play racist songs.

The UK government is busy looking at the streaming services’ policies and artists’ profit share.

The government recently decided to get the details on how much music streaming services pay the artists.

But during the ongoing investigation, the revelation of racist tracks is a huge shock for everyone.

Apple Music and others, allowing racist content

This news is unacceptable in a present scenario where Black Lives Matter and major protest movements are surging.

Moreover, the investigation also found that Spotify, Deezer, and even YouTube are playing racist content.

There were songs and lyrics containing phrases and lines. Examples include “white power” and excerpts from Hitler’s speech as well.

The good thing is that following the discovery of racist material, Apple Music immediately took important steps.

The majority of “Discovered tracks” are now removed while the rest of the songs are being investigated.

The platform told the BBC that it keeps “strong editorial guidelines that prohibit distributors and rights owners submitting content like this.”

Meanwhile, Spotify also came forward and issued a statement. The company said that it prohibits any content that “principally advocates or incites hatred or violence.”

A spokesperson from YouTube said that the company always works hard to develop responsible guidelines.

Deezer didn’t issue a public response. However, it mentioned to BBC that it would launch an investigation.

BBC Investigation on fair payments to musicians

A few days ago, the UK government announced to launch a probe on music streaming platforms. The sole purpose was to find out the number of payments made to musicians.

The clear reason for this investigation is the growing number of unfair shares to artists on streaming services.

Many musicians, especially independent and new artists, these days struggle to earn a reasonable amount. Their profit is not coming out as expected despite huge streams.

Several renowned YouTube musicians also revealed that major streaming platforms don’t do justice to artists earlier this year.

They spoke in their videos that new musical artists put a lot of cost in making a song. But they don’t get the desired share of profit.

It becomes important on the musicians’ part these days to get what they deserve on portals like Spotify or Apple Music.

The BBC News’ investigation will surely reveal key details and data upon the completion of the probe.

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