Apple named as the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in China in Q2 2020

Apple named as the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in China in Q2 2020

Apple generated a massive 225% increase in iPhone sales in the critical market, with the new iPhone SE and iPhone 11 ushering the company to its decisive performance.

A new metrics report from Counterpoint Research and CINNO Research revealed that Apple shows promising signs of recovery in China as its iPhone sales posted substantial year-over-year gains in the crucial smartphone market.

iPhone 11 and the new iPhone SE: The key players

Now dubbed as the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in the said market, Apple has generated a staggering 225% increase over its performance from the previous quarter.

Additionally, the folks at CINNO Research reported that the company managed 13 million iPhone retail sales during the second quarter of 2020. This results in a 62% yearly increase.

The significant gains from Apple’s recent numbers were strongly brought by the strong sales of the iPhone 11. Counterpoint added that the device has been leading the company as its best-selling iPhone variant in China since September 2019.

The new iPhone SE was also heralded as an impressive seller. Both the iPhone 11 and the second-generation iPhone SE, which received lucrative discounts, finally appealed to most Chinese consumers.

It should be noted that before these numbers, Apple had weak iPhone sales in February, only shipping meager 500,000 units in the market. Counterpoint Research also added that Apple moved 7.4 million channel sales of the iPhone in the same period. This tallies a 32% increase during the same period in 2019.

Huawei is now the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world

Meanwhile, another research firm Canalys reported that Huawei has bagged the moniker as the biggest smartphone player in the world during the same quarter, overtaking Samsung and Apple in the process.

The beleaguered Chinese smartphone manufacturer shipped 55.8 million devices, down 5% year-on-year. This marks the first time Huawei snagged the top spot for a single quarter.

The perennial powerhouse Samsung has dropped to second place with a still potent 53.7 million shipped smartphones. This indicates a 30% decline over its performance during the same period last year.

Doubts and fears

However, the analysts from the firm have cast their doubt over Huawei’s sustainability of the said numbers. This is due to the company’s recent debacle as a result of the sanctions by the United States and other countries.

Either way, Huawei still has quelled some fears over its latest predicaments with these numbers. So long as it maintains its strong performance in the crucial Chinese market, the company might be safe for now.

Of course, that changes when Apple ups its game. But we all know that’s a long shot.

Images courtesy of Apple Explained/YouTube Screenshot


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