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Apple Pencil patent reveals ultra useful feature for artists


An Apple Pencil patent shows that the future model may be equipped with a sensor that can capture real-world colors and translate them digitally.

The raves around Apple lately is the excitement for the avalanche of products that they will release in September. Apple held off on releasing a new device in WWDC 2020. However, they’re expected to compensate for the lack of it in an online event in September.

They are expected to release the new iPhone 12 line up. It will be the company’s first 5G capable lineup. There have been mixed signals regarding the phone, and it still hasn’t been confirmed if all will have 5G connections. Nonetheless, the Pro models will surely have a chipset that can carry 5G.

Apple is also expected to release refreshed versions of the iPad. The iPadOS 14 saw similar upgrades as the iOS 14, particularly with the use of Apple Pencil. Its next generation is about to get a massive upgrade based on a recent patent released.

Apple Pencil patent on color capture

A patent picked up by DigitalTrends online shows the next step for the Apple Pencil. In the patent, Apple will attempt to place a unique color capturing sensor on the Apple Pencil. If this design makes it to the final stages, digital artists and animators can make full use of their surroundings for inspiration.

The placement of the sensor can either be on the pointy tip or the dull side of the digital pen. Either implementation will have a light guide to determine the accurate color of the surface.

Users can just touch the sensor on the Apple Pencil to any surface that they like, and the system will automatically capture the color. There is still no guarantee that this feature will make it Apple store shelves. However, the company isn’t the first one to have this technology on hand. As such, they are expected to bring the feature to reality.

Lenovo Active Pen 2

Lenovo released earlier last month a super-powerful Yoga Duet 7i for creatives. It packs in the best features of a Windows Surface Book and the functionality of the Apple Pencil. Yoga Duet 7i users can enjoy the device as a laptop or as a tablet because of the detachable keyboard.

They also have the option of purchasing the Active Pen 2, which has the same feature that Apple has applied the patent for. Users could also point their Active Pen 2 on any surface and capture the color that they like for their creations.

Image from Luiz Felipe/ Unsplash and Tomasz Zagórski/Unsplash

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