Apple planning to release HomePod 2 this 2020

Apple planning to release HomePod 2 this 2020

Apple’s first attempt to implement a home speaker device was in 2017. They plan to release a second version of the device any time this year.

Apple has been known to be a company that gives utmost importance to the aesthetics of their devices. The products that they release have to be iconic and immediately recognizable.

This wasn’t the case for the Apple HomePod that they released in 2017. Since that release, the device hasn’t been followed up by a second version the year immediately following it.

Nevertheless, Apple plans to rejoin the home speaker market this year to take on Amazon and Google head-on.

Apple HomePod 2 launch

Apple might be launching the HomePod 2 simultaneous with the Apple iPhone 12 series and the newest version of the Apple Watch.

Rumors are spreading that the HomePod 2 shall come in half of its original size. With a side by side setup, the original HomePod looks like a clunkier and thicker device compared to its competitors.

Other than the thick and bulky device, the price of the HomePod was another drawback for the product. In order to address this, the HomePod 2 is also rumored to come at a lower price.

When compared to its competitors, the HomePod was launched at a steep price tag of $350. Its Google and Alexa counterpart’s other version comes it at one-third of its selling price.

Compatibility with 3rd party music services

When it comes to the device capability, one of its main drawbacks was that it couldn’t run 3rd party music apps.

Instead, users have to run Spotify and play its music through the phone and the device’s AirPlay capability.

As soon as this feature is rolled out in the HomePod 2, original HomePod owners may expect to receive this capability in their too.

Apple iPhone 12 look revamp

The balance year is filled with possible launches from Apple. If everything goes as planned, the company plans to release the new iPhone 12 series, and a cheaper line up with the iPhone 9 series.

Both of these phones are rumored to come with a boxier design similar to the iPhone 4 and 5 series, which were the company’s arguably best lineup since the iPhone launch.

Barring any setbacks in production and the effects of the Coronavirus, the company also plans to release its newest Apple Watch. This particular launch is said to focus more on the health of its users.

Speaking of Apple Watch users, the company also intends to expand its market base by offering a specific line up of Apple Watch with a feature, especially for kids.


Image Courtesy of Unsplash/Michał Kubalczyk

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