Apple prepares iPad Air for universal connectivity to par with iPad Pro

Apple prepares iPad Air for universal connectivity

Apple will reportedly phase out the Lightning port on the iPad Air to implement a USB-C port similar to the iPad Pro.

Apple’s trademark has always been its exclusivity in its device line ups. The feeling of people that buy into their ecosystem is a sense of belongingness to a community that shares the same perception towards the brand. On its part, Apple drives home this point by curating the entire experience of its users in the Apple environment.

Unfortunately, its exclusivity has brought up several issues bigger than their marketing stunts. The European Union has called out Apple’s strategy of having its charging ports and cables. As a result, the Cupertino-based company has been under fire for contributing largely to the electronics waste problem of the world.

As such, the European Union has forced the hand of Apple to join the likes of all Android phones that either uses the mini-USB port or the more modern USB-C port.

iPad Air to have a USB-C port

Apple has only limited the usage of the USB-C port to the more expensive iPad Pro line. The main reason behind this is the iPad Pro needs better connectivity for devices such as card readers or other dongles.

Unfortunately, the proprietary Lightning Port of Apple doesn’t provide this flexibility to its users without them breaking the bank. As a result, Apple will reportedly let the USB-C port trickle down slowly to its lower end iPad starting with the iPad Air.

According to a report, the 4th-Gen iPad Air will get a USB-C port instead of the usual Lightning port. The newest iPad Air will be released sometime during the first quarter of 2021 probably alongside the refreshed iPad and the iPad Mini.

iPad Air rumored specs

There have been few rumors about the newest iteration of the iPad Air. It will be interesting to see if Apple implements the boxy design that they use on the iPad Pro considering that the unique selling proposition of the iPad Air is its thinness and portability.

Being a premium iPad, the iPad Air will most definitely have the newest mini LED screen display. It will also reportedly have an in-screen fingerprint sensor rather than a FaceID. Again, it will be very interesting to see as to where Apple will place the sensor on the screen considering the large screen size.

Apple fans can expect the newest lines of the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Air to be released next year. All of them may land with 5G models to provide users better mobility and connectivity.

Image courtesy of William Iven/ Unsplash

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