Apple pursues Lightning Cable with iPhone 12 despite EU’s demand

Apple users might see the last Lightning Cable with the iPhone 12

Apple has always been adamant in using its proprietary lightning cables for the iPhones. Their stance might change soon because of the pressure from the European Union.

Since the start of the iPhone era, Apple has always had its own proprietary charging cables. The cables are just one of the many barriers that Apple uses to prevent its users from shifting to other brands.

iPhone 12 will be the last to use the lightning cable

Jon Prosser, a well known Apple reporter, has shared that the iPhone 12 will not feature a USB-C charging port and cable.

Even though the iPhone charger and cables that come with the new units are extremely outdated, Apple’s stance remains strong. Apple has already shifted to USB-C for the iPad Pro line up, but the iPhone line up is still stuck with their slow charging brick and lightning cables.

According to an opinion by Prosser, Apple will first go ‘completely wireless before it implements a USB-C cable for the iPhones.

European Union pressure to Apple

The European Union (EU) has passed a resolution that all smartphone companies implement a standard charging port and cable for all their phones. The purpose of this is to streamline and curb the production of electronic waste (E-waste) in the region.

The EU recommends that all smartphone companies use only USB-C cables since the majority of the smartphone companies already use this.

The resolution is merely a recommendation although the EU has set July 2020 as the deadline for all companies to comply.

Apple users might see the last Lightning Cable with the iPhone 12
Apple users might see the last Lightning Cable with the iPhone 12

Apple will release the iPhone 12 sometime after the July 2020 deadline. As a reaction to this launch, the EU may send a more powerful resolution to force the hand of Apple to follow the recommendation.

Apple to lead the wireless revolution?

Apple is not the innovator it used to be. The company has shifted from innovating to just following and perfecting what other companies implement on their phones.

Their latest big jump into the future was when they removed the 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone X series. After that, the company has been stuck with the big notch display even up to the next iPhone 12 launch.

Oppo launched a futuristic concept that envisions a smartphone that is completely wireless. It will have wireless charging, wireless data transmission, and wireless audio transmission.

At present, no such phone exists because the implementation of current wireless technologies is still faulty.

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