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Apple pushes iPhone 12 mass production by almost a month


Apple will delay the mass production of the iPhone 12 by a full month. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected major supply chain disruption leading to the delay.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made company projections for the rest of the year shaky. No one, at this early point, can identify when the pandemic will be over. Some countries have already started easing up on the lockdown orders while many are still in a complete lockdown.

No one is even sure if there will be a second wave of this virus after the lockdowns are lifted. The uncertainty has led many companies to adjust their projections for the rest of the year. Companies are left in limbo as long as people are mandated to stay home.

Apple delays iPhone 12 production

Apple is set to release its first-ever 5G phone around September of 2020. The September line up is rumored to be headlined with up to four new iPhone 12 smartphones all with 5.4, 6.1, or 6.7-inch displays.

The normal production lead time for Apple phones is between June to September. This year, the production will be delayed by a full month because of the pandemic.

Apple relies heavily on Chinese manufacturing for its iPhones shipped all over the world. China is still recovering from the setback they faced during the first four-month of the year because of the virus.

Factories have shut down and manufacturing was brought to a standstill because of the lockdowns implemented.

A possible shortage of iPhone 12 in-store shelves

Apple has reported earlier this month that they intend to decrease production by 20% across the board. There might be a shortage in store shelves by October because of the production delay and production cut.

The shortage in stocks might be emphasized even more because of the high expectation set by the iPhone 9. iPhone shortage isn’t new to the company as they have traversed this path with the iPhone 7 and iPhone XR released.

Apple just released their phones in October instead of the usual lead time of three to four days after the announcement.

iPhone 12 rumors and specs

The rumored main feature of the iPhone 12 is still its powerful camera. The iPhone 12 may possibly have the LiDAR scanner that the company ash already implemented for the iPad Pro 2020.

Additionally, the iPhone 12 will reportedly have a less obtrusive notch size. The entire form factor of the phone will also possibly have a thinner overall body because of the thinner OLED screen.

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