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Apple removes and brings back Beats landing page on site


Apple removed the Beats landing page on its site sometime last week but has since brought it back amid speculations.

Today, Apple will unveil the opening of the ‘Hi, Speed.’ event. Up to this point, only the iPhone 12 is sure to be released. All other products originally supposed to launch with it could be released a bit later. At first, leakers were quick to suggest that the October 13 event will have all products ready to launch.

However, Bloomberg suggests that there could be another Apple event in November. As such, the late-year launch of Apple could be split into two tranches. The first one’s highlight will most definitely be the iPhone 12. The second one’s star may be the newest MacBook with Apple Silicon.

With this progress, there is no assurance as to when the AirPods Studio will be launched. It seems as if Apple itself is confused too.

Apple removes and brings back the Beats landing page

Last week, Appleterm discovered that Apple had apparently taken down the Beats landing page on its online store sometimes last week. The people over in Appleterm still saw the page running on October 2. However, a few days after that, the page was no longer available. Fast forward to today, Apple has just restored the Beats page to life.

Rumors abounded when Apple removed the dedicated Beats page on its website. It indicated that Apple was preparing to make way for a whole new audio-listening device that shares the same category as Beats products.

The strategy isn’t new. Apple has done it time and again for their new products. Earlier this month, Apple has even removed all third-party audio-listening devices on its website. In other words, Bose, Sonos, and Logitech can already kiss their glory days with Apple goodbye.

Unfortunately, Apple bringing back the Beats page is sending mixed signals. Will Apple release the Apple AirPods Studio today or not? Up to this point, only Apple can really tell which is which. One thing for sure is that it will come sooner than later, most probably before the year ends.

What to expect from the Apple AirPods Studio?

The AirPods Studio will be the latest addition to the Apple-branded listening devices. Instead of just being earbuds, the AirPods Studio will be over-ear headphones on the premium end. It will allegedly have a modular design for extensive personalization. Also, the AirPods Studio will have the best features of the AirPods Pro and more.

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