Apple reveals instructions on how to back up the Apple Watch

Apple Watch back up, what every iPhone user should know

Apple Watch data back up is as important as iPhone’s, a report said. The report unveiled how to secure a watchOS powered device’s data.

The first thing that a user must understand is that Apple Watch gets backed up as often as the iPhone does. The tech giant’s watch serves as an extension to the device it is connected to.

Once the watch is connected to an iPhone and the said phone is backed up, a certain amount of data from the watch creates a copy on the phone. A certain amount of Apple Watch data are then securely kept on the iPhone’s storage.

Apple Watch back up step by step process

To keep a copy of the Apple Watch data as well as the iPhone’s, the phone holder must ensure an established internet connection. Head over to settings, back up, the user’s name, and end the process by clicking iCloud Backup.

Aside from performing the regular iPhone back up, unpairing an Apple Watch from an iPhone also helps. It initializes an unscheduled transmission and saving of data before the devices get disconnected.

Once the user decides to connect the same Apple Watch again, the saved files will be restored to the watch as soon as it gets paired with the iPhone again. The same result also applies if the iPhone holder gets a new Apple Watch.

To retrieve a certain amount of kept data from the iPhone and move them to the new Apple Watch, the user must initialize the Watch app. Start pairing the two devices and once the pairing is done, click restore from back up.

A series of on-screen prompts will follow including terms and conditions. Sign in with the registered Apple ID and the stored data on the iPhone will be transmitted to the Apple Watch in a few moments.

Apple Watch back up inclusions

However, Apple Watch holders must take note that there are certain features that do not include in the backup. Among them are credits and debit card details used for Apple Pay, watch passcode, messages, and Bluetooth pairings.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch back up through the iPhone includes features such as Siri voice feedback setting for Apple Watch Series 3, 4, and 5. Health and fitness data history, notification, and dock settings are included as well.

A user’s customization on the Apple Watch such as home screen app layout and clock face settings can also be retrieved. Finally, the built-in apps such as Mail, Weather, Stocks, and Calendar comes with the back up too.

Image courtesy of Alan Huang/Flickr

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