Apple sees all-time high brand loyalty against rivals

Thanks to its iPhones’ excellent performance, Apple just witnessed an all-time high brand loyalty among smartphone owners.

A survey from SellCell revealed that Apple has the best brand loyalty than its rivals, such as Samsung.

The percentage of people thinking of upgrading to a new iPhone after buying one increased last year.

Apple is thriving despite a pandemic!

SellCell’s survey revealed that 91.9 percent of iPhone owners plan to buy a new model while making an upgrade. It’s up by 1.4 percent from 2019.

It’s yet another great accomplishment by Apple, which is already going through a great time with almost everything.

The iPhone maker’s rival Samsung, however, has witnessed a dip in its brand loyalty.

The survey showed that only 74 percent of Samsung users plan to buy a new company model while thinking to upgrade. It’s a huge decline of 11.7 percent from 2019.

Users who always stick to Apple when upgrading to a new phone gave four reasons.

While 65 percent of them didn’t have any issue with the phones, 25 percent wanted to be locked into the iOS ecosystem.

Ten percent of the people didn’t want to suffer through moving from iOS to Android.

And lastly, eight percent of them wanted to stick to what they know, that is, using the iPhone’s simple interface.

Speaking of the ecosystem, it has undoubtedly made most customers a fan of iPhone models because the connectivity between all the products is very smooth.

And everything feels instant and interconnected while using the smartphone with any other Apple product.

New products coming soon

Meanwhile, the California tech giant is currently preparing for its next slate for the new year. Just like the 2020s record-breaking performance, it wants to maintain the flow in 2021 as well.

Speaking of what lies ahead for the company then this month will prove to be very crucial. Next week is about to bring its very first big event, on March 23rd.

The event will reveal the much-awaited AirTags and the AirPods Studio headphones as per substantial leaks and speculations.

Due to several issues, their official launch was delayed last year.

Furthermore, the WWDC event in June will also be vital because it will eventually give the first look at iOS 15, the upcoming software version from Apple for its devices.

Before the year ends, the highly-anticipated iPhone 13 will also arrive around September and October.

Rumor has it that it will be portless, along with a faster refresh rate on display. And also that it will see the return of the beloved Touch ID!

However, it should take all rumors with a grain of salt unless an official announcement is made.

Image courtesy of Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels

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