Apple sends out surveys about what users do with their old power adapters

Apple sends out surveys about what users do with their old power adapters

Apple is reportedly sending out surveys to users in Brazil about what they do to their old charger adapters.

September will be a big month for Apple. It will finally join many of its peers in the 5G and the 120Hz screen display market. Despite being late in adapting to the new technology, Apple patrons still expect the iPhone to be outstanding. Also, they are looking forward to the new iOS 14’s integration in the new iPhone.

The iPhone 12 will reportedly break the internet yet again, similar to its predecessors. Earlier leaks report that the company will shed shipping an in-box charger, cable, and EarPods with each iPhone.

Apple sends out surveys

Gustavo Alves Reis Tweeted about receiving a survey questionnaire from Apple. The screen-captured content shows a question about how the user disposed of his old charger after buying a new one.

The answers made available were numerous. It includes ‘gave it to a family member or friend,’ ‘recycled it,’ ‘lost or misplaced it,’ among others. It is quite interesting to see the company rolling out such a survey amid heavy leaks about the chargers’ fate with the iPhone 12. Nonetheless, this survey is not the first of its kind from the company.

Apple also sent out a similarly worded survey about the headphone jack on the Macbook Pro. Fortunately, the 3.5mm jack is still available on all Macbooks in the market. As such, the leaks about any missing chargers or cables with the phones may be moot.

Apple sends out surveys about what users do with their old power adapters

The fate of the iPhone charger

There are several ways to look at the iPhone charger dilemma. It could be that the company is trying to cut costs to protects its margin. Also, it could be the company’s strategy to curb e-waste.

However, the biggest question needed to be answered is, ‘do iPhone buyers need the in-box charger with their new phones.’ The answer to this question will be verified with the announcement of Apple in September.

Nonetheless, based on normal user behavior, chargers that come with the phone end up not being used. Some users leave the chargers and the earphones in the box. The simple reasoning behind being that they will need the box and the accessories to sell the phone for a second-hand market.

On the other hand, other users continue to use their old chargers or use a more reliable third party charger. The same goes for the stock wired earphones because they generally perform poorer than more expensive ones.

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