Apple stops working on AirPower charging mat, again

Apple stops working on AirPower charging mat, again

Once, they abandoned it, they got the work anew, and now, they stopped again. What seems to be the problem with AirPower?

It was once a promising feature back in 2017 when Apple launched AirPower, a wireless charging mat for iPhones. But issues surrounding this wireless charging technology’s power continued as the tech company announced its comeback earlier this year, before stopping again.

Tipster Jon Prosser, who also leaked the news before about the stoppage of the development of the AirPower, is also the one who broke the news this year that Apple is again leaving the AirPower in hanging due to a coil issue.

In his tweet, Prosser said that “All AirPower prototyping/ testing has been removed from the schedule for 2021.” He also cites his sources as saying that the company is leaving the project indefinitely.

AirPower out (forever), MagSafe in

When Apple failed to resuscitate AirPower for the second time around, the company decided to focus on the current MagSafe. As reported by tech.hindustantimes, since the MagSafe uses magnets, it would not spoil the Lightning ports even if the user will use it every day.

Apple stops working on AirPower charging mat, again

Mag in MagSafe uses magnets to charge the phone. Simply by sticking the phone on the MagSafe, charging will easily commence. The technology has been in use on the Apple Watch as part of its chargers.

Though it may sound promising, MagSafe charging capacity is only 15W. The good thing is that it is way better than the typical 5W charger. However, it does not unlock the full capabilities of the iPhone that can accommodate 20W charging.

While Apple is busy with the issue, Belkin is already in the works and now has accessories that work with MagSafe’s three docks. There may be a replacement for AirPower soon.

Issues with Foldable MagSafe

The MagSafe Duo, on the other hand, is a promising technology for wireless charging. You can charge two devices, the Apple Watch and iPhone, simultaneously.

Though the Apple Watch has been using this charge for years, it seems that having two devices on one charger is a blur for now. As shown in the launch on the screen, it got little exposure.

Speculation surrounding the MagSafe duo is that this charging technology is like AirPower in the making – and that it is bound to fail. Since it was unveiled during the new iPhone launch this year, there has been no news on when it will be available on the shelves.

The price of the MagSafe Duo is yet to be known. However, other MagSafe Chargers are now available elsewhere.

Is MagSafe the answer to Apple’s vision of revolutionizing the wireless charging experience? Or could this be another AirPower waiting to be buried?

Images used courtesy of Unbox Therapy/YouTube Screenshot.

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