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Apple to release iPad Pro with OLED display in H2 of 2021


Expect higher brightness in the next iPad model as Apple is gearing up towards an OLED display. The iPad Pro with an OLED display is the next big thing in 2021.

Rumors of the next Apple iPad Pro with an OLED display are good to be true, as various sources tell it. This is a long rumor until it was further confirmed by South Korean news The Elec, and we can expect this in the mid-year of 2021.

Reports that Apple is vying for OLED technology were in connection with the company’s rumored release of an iPad mini-LED display. The OLED display is purely for iPad Pro models.

OLED technology from Samsung

According to GSMArena, the said display technology underwent an improvement in Asan, South Korea, where the A4 Factory is situated. The said improvement is intended for the upcoming iPad models.

Aside from Samsung, LG is also reported to be prepping and improving its display technology for the said iPad models in 2021. Currently, the iPad Pro models are using the LCD panel, and they call the display “liquid retina.”

Renovated display technology for Apple

The report says: “The company was adding a distribution chamber to the original material deposition chamber to deposit red, green, and blue in tandem. This will allow the firm to deposit one layer of RGB, send the substrate back to the front of the production line, and stack an emitting layer atop it.”

The said improvement will prevent burn-in and the loss of brightness on iPad Pro models. The purpose of stacking of emitting layers is to prolong the life of the display technology.

With the much-awaited end-result comes higher requirements for specifications. Alongside Samsung, LG was also reportedly tapped for OLED display technology and is also working on the panel’s improvement.

Mini-LED iPad Pro

There are also reports that Apple plans to release a mini-LED display for the iPad. It is rumored to be released first before the OLED-powered iPad Pro models next year.

Multiple reports suggest that the production of the mini-LED iPad will be in full swing in the coming months. As Kuo said earlier this year, the OLED display technology will be integrated into the upcoming mini-LED iPad.

Availability in 2021

The launch date for the OLED iPad is yet to be known as reports suggest that the unveiling could take much longer depending on the “scale of adoption,” the Elec says, especially on the mini-LED displays. The availability of the mini-LED iPad, according to Elec, could also be in the early half of 2021.

Aside from the OLED-display adoption from Apple, there is also some sort of talk on powering the iPad Pro lineup with 5G connectivity.

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