Apple to release the cheapest MacBook ever

The MacBook will be released on October 27 in a special event. And the price seems relevant since we are in an uncertain time.

Apple is finally releasing the lowest-priced MacBook in its entire history. This could be a historical feat taken by the company through this offering in their laptop line.

Reports have leaked that Apple’s silicone MacBook is deemed to be the cheapest Apple laptop. The price of a Macbook is $799, and Pro 13 inch is $1,099 approximately. If these prices are true, then it is the best time to purchase a new laptop- cheap but powered.

Compared to the 2020 release Macbook Pro 13 inch and Macbook Air, the price difference is at $200.

Release date for cheapest MacBook

According to leaker Komiya, the film will be released on October 27 in a special event. Komiya also mentioned the estimated cost for both ARM Macbooks. The result of this reply of Komiya to a follower creates massive enthusiasm for Apple users, especially, for the Macbook users.

12-inch Macbook and Macbook Pro 13 inch Specs

Apple To Release The Cheapest MacBook Ever

Leaker Komiya also spilled on Twitter, perhaps some of the specs we can expect from these cheapest Apple laptops, and here are some:

  • Macbook A14X
  • RAM: 8GB, 16GB
  • SSD: 256GB, 512GB, (1TB)
  • 12″ Retina Display
  • 15 hr – 20 hr Battery Life
  • 720p Facetime Dual Camera
  • Single USB C-Port lighter than 1 kg
  • 4th Gen Butterfly Keyboard
  • $799 at least-

Long battery life

Culling Intel into its system, Apple’s cheapest laptops will be equipped with an A14 Bionic Chipset, providing longer battery life and prolonged battery support of up to 20 hours. According to Intel Executive, their chip did not have improvements in both battery life and performance to Apple laptops, making them lose their contracts to the tech giant.

The new Macbook will showcase a 12-inch retina display with 8 GB or 16 GB configurable RAM paired with options from 256 GB, 512 GB or even 1 TB SSD Storage.

Apple’s next plan: To sell cheap items?

We are still months away from the release of their cheapest laptops, but is this the roadmap that Apple is picking up? The $200 price cut is a surprise for everyone, and many will raise their eyebrows, is Apple willing to pass this savings to us, customers? As Apple is working on their ARM-based laptop solution, it seems that they are willing to settle on that profit for every new system that will be sold.

Apple may be reeling in the long-term, and they believe it is worth the wait. If the $799 tag price is the actual price on its launch, they will oust the 2014 Apple Macbook Air 11 inch taking its crown for the cheaper price.

Images used courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot

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