Apple to unveil HiFi Streaming Support for Music; New AirPods Release


Apple Music would get a HiFi audio streaming tier with iOS 14.6, and the cost of the plan is the same as the regular Apple Music subscription.

Apple Music announced to prepare a new HiFi music streaming tier in the coming weeks to deliver HIFI music.

According to a new report, the launch of Apple Music will include help for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, and ‘lossless’ audio. The record says that the latest update to Apple Music will debut with iOS 14.6 developer beta1. However, it is presently under beta testing.

Apple Music with HiFi audio streaming on Apple

Furthermore, a separate statement declares that Apple Music HiFi aid will publish in the coming weeks, onward with the third-generation AirPods. And it is also being considered that the new releases might use the place at WWDC 2021. Subsequently, that HIFI audio streaming plan delivers in June.

Additionally, the 9to5Mac insists that Apple firm is operating on beginning a HiFi plan for Apple Music. The detail of the report further says that it introduces to subscribers the release of iOS 14.6. The edition stated that it had gained a unique code added to the Apple Music app.

Followingly, the first build of iOS 14.6 developer especially specifies the version of the audio format such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, and Lossless. Previous to now, Apple product couldn’t feature assistance for Dolby audio but only confirmed its regional HiFi audio codec Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC). HiFi files have less audio compression. Thus it has a more immeasurable capable output of sound quality.

Recently, Spotify declares the statement that it is also trying into high-quality audio streaming with Spotify HiFi. It set forth that Spotify will price the Spotify HiFi plan higher than its existing approvals.

Third-generation of Apple Airpods

A music site Scores Daily Double has cited authorizations to claim. As well that Apple will introduce the HiFi streaming assistance for Apple Music.

Furthermore, the Third-generation Apple AirPods was launch earlier in the coming weeks. The new AirPod may have a smaller stem, interchangeable tips, and a shorter charging case than the AirPods Pro.

But this confronts examiner Ming-Chi Kuo’s demand that the new AirPods are likely to launch in Q3 at the year 2021. Besides AirPods 3, Apple will also propose HiFi audio support in Apple Music. It will play upon the likes of Spotify HiFi, Tidal, and Amazon Music.

Nevertheless, none of the opponents currently allow HiFi audio support officially in India. Though Spotify began its HiFi service, it still operates it out to subscribe users. At the moment, Spotify said it would be possible in the market selection later in 2021.

Finally, the apple company statement also declares that Apple may extend the HiFi audio streaming. Conversely, this provides an offer on Apple Music without increasing its subscription cost.

Moreover, that cost of music starts at $9.99 per month for the specific subscriber tier in the US and Rs. 99 in India. Additionally, the dispatch calls for Apple to offer a less expensive and higher-quality service than opponents.


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