Apple TV remote has been removed from Apple Store

The Apple TV remote application is not there in the Apple Store. The company has been removing every reference to the application.

The iPhone maker is removing many apps from its Store. Recently, the Apple TV remote application is not there on the Apple Store.

The company has been removing reference to the application, and it looks that there were no traces of the application in the store.

If the user goes to the Siri remote support page, he or she will find nothing. Although, the remote of the Apple TV comes in a physical form. The application is a second option for the users to handle an Apple TV.

Also, in the latest update of iOS, the company has introduced a built-in remote feature in the devices.

This feature probably makes the app a redundant feature, so the company decided to remove the app from the store.

The Siri Remote

The Siri remote is the physical remote of Apple. It is used for streaming content on the Apple TV.

The physical remote comes with the streaming device itself. The application is only an alternative to the remote if someone loses it.

The physical remote is much better than the iOS and application versions. Moreover, the physical remote’s price is relatively high because the company gives the alternative. The cost of the remote for 32 GB 4K version is 236.98 USD.

Apple TV remote application

The company decided to create the Apple TV remote application to control Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and an iPod without a physical remote. The Siri remote has a glass touch surface.

The surface enables the user to move around the screen, swipe up and down, left or right. It has a menu button that allows the user to wake the Television if it is asleep. It also consists of a home button that the user can press to see the recent apps.

In addition to that, the remote consists of a play and pause button. The play and pause button enables the user to pause a movie, show, or song. The user can also use the button for fast-forwarding, rewinding, and playing content.

Similar features are there on the Siri remote application. The company enables the user to use Siri through the mobile application. Through the remote, you can also control your television or receiver.

Removal of the application

The company still does not provide any information regarding the removal. There are no official reasons given by the company. However, the company had to remove the application without any prior notice.

Although, the technogeeks expect that the removal is because of the iOS 12 update. Because of a built-in remote control, the company does not want redundancy. Also, it is not a big surprise from the company because of the new update.

If any user visits the Apple support website, the user will not find anything about the application. He or she will find an article about adding an Apple TV remote from the control center.

Image courtesy of Hadrian/Shutterstock

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