Apple TV, will compete against big gaming consoles?

Apple TV, will compete against big gaming consoles?

The latest model of the Apple TV will allegedly come with Apple’s latest A14 chip to allow it to become a full gaming console.

In under two weeks, Apple will finally unveil its latest devices, starting with the iPhone 12. The latest lineup will have up to four phones. Alongside it will be a slew of devices such as the AirPods Studio and, possibly, a new MacBook.

The latest laptop will already have an ARM-based Apple Silicon chip similar to the iPhone 12 and iPad Air. The company has already shown what the latest A14 chip is capable of. Now it seems like they’re about to integrate it into the Apple TV.

Apple TV for gaming?

Because of the pandemic, more people are finding ways to burn time. Now that the daily commute has been removed from the daily routine, people have more time on their hands. As such, the gaming industry has seen a huge boom. Not only that, video streaming devices and sites have also seen a massive uptick in usage.

Apple wants to capitalize on the opportunity with Apple TV. The TV box hasn’t seen a massive upgrade since its inception. However, Bloomberg reported that it would be just a matter of time before the company reveals a successor. Back then, the report only said that Apple TV would just get a new remote. No other big details were revealed.

Fortunately, a more recent leak gives everyone a better idea about the Apple TV. Instead of being just a regular streaming box, the Apple TV is about to get a huge upgrade. Fudge, an Apple tipster, shares that the smart box will get a big A14 chip upgrade. In other words, the processing power of the Apple TV will be on par with the iPad Air and the iPhone 12.

Not only that, but the latest version of the device will also get two models. The first will be designed to run games. The other will be for the more common usage of web browsing or video streaming.

What games are expected to run?

Fudge didn’t reveal which games will be sure to run on the Apple TV. However, he mentioned that the device could run the Breath of the Wild. He also claims that tons of money are being invested on the device to be able to run games of similar caliber.

In other words, the Apple TV could be running Triple-A games sooner than later. Unfortunately, the device is not yet expected to hit the shelves this year. At best, it will be released sometime next year. Nevertheless, this is a huge step forward for the game development department of Apple.

Image from Li Lin/ Unsplash

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