Apple virtual reality, the next frontier for the company?

Apple virtual reality, the next frontier for the company?

Apple may be working behind the curtain to develop its virtual reality line that may shape the future of how people interact with tech.

Enrique Dans of Forbes certainly thinks that Apple is cooking up something big for the world to see soon. In his article, he boldly claims that today’s Apple is a completely different beast than Steve Jobs’ Apple.

To some degree, there is a truth to that. Apple is the world’s most valuable company. Its net worth is even equal to a developing country’s national annual budget. However, this comes at the expense of focusing on bottom lines rather than innovation.

For the past couple of years, Apple hasn’t been at the forefront of technological developments. Yes, they churn out impeccable products year after year. However, the company’s products aren’t as innovative as they used to be. In fact, other companies seem to be in hyperdrive, while Apple remains stagnant and sluggish.

Apple virtual reality tech may be its next frontier

Dans says that the impact of Steve Jobs’ 2007 announcement of the iPhone still resonates till now. Since then, Apple and the entire smartphone industry, introduced upgrades year after year.

Unfortunately, these constant developments may have already peaked. Even Apple has fallen prey to this. The Cupertino-based company releases standard upgrades every year from the screen to the camera and processing speed.

As such, Dans think that Apple is already ripe for the next ‘One more thing.’ He said that Apple could be dabbling on the possibility of changing the future of how people interact with tech through virtual reality.

Other companies such as Oculus and Microsoft are already deep into the development of these devices. However, the options that they offer are still for the professionals. Their VR headsets lack the magic touch of Apple, which makes tech accessible and fun to interact with.

Apple Glass could launch soon

If Dans’ projection is accurate, then the most likely device that will hit the market will be the Apple Glass. Jon Prosser indicated last year that the people over in Cupertino are actually developing this tech.

Unfortunately, that is as far as the news goes. Nonetheless, considering that almost a year has gone by, Apple must already be deep into its development, so it will only be a matter of time until more concrete leaks about the new wearable surface.

The possibilities for the Apple Glass are endless. It may work as a health companion for the Apple Watch. It could also be a replacement for the smartphone, which could now be safely just kept inside the pocket or bags.


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