Apple vs Epic court case moves forward with a countersuit

Apple vs Epic court case moves forward with a countersuit

The Apple vs Epic conflict is getting worst as the weeks go by. Apple fired back against Epic Games’ recent request to reinstate Fortnite on iOS.

In August, Epic Games launched a lawsuit against Apple for “monopolistic practices.” The filed lawsuit resulted in Apple removing Fortnite on the iOS and revoking Epic’s dev accounts with it.

A recent Apple vs Epic update had Epic asking the courts to reinstate their game. The tech giant is answering their appeal point by point. They reiterate a ton of recent arguments they had against Epic.

Apple fires back against Epic’s “cold-blooded” circumvention

Today, Apple fired back with a countersuit for Epic’s “cold-blooded” circumvention. The document notes how the entire debacle is a mere argument for more money.

“Epic’s lawsuit is nothing more than a basic disagreement over money,” Apple said in their extensive 67-page response. “Although Epic portrays itself as a modern corporate Robin Hood, in reality it is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that simply wants to pay nothing for the tremendous value it derives from the App Store.”

Apple also reiterated that Epic is looking for a special deal. They note that once they affirm that they can’t get the special deal, they primed for explosion.

“Epic’s demands for special treatment and cries of ‘retaliation’ cannot be reconciled with its flagrant breach of contract and its own business practices, as it rakes in billions by taking commissions on game developers’ sales and charging consumers up to $99.99 for bundles of ‘V-Bucks’.”

Apple says Epic “resorted to subterfuge”

The countersuit amidst the Apple vs Epic drama repeats the common contention that Apple uses. They note that Epic is okay with “the tools, technology, software, marketing opportunities, and customer reach” that Apple affords them. Apple notes that these came “as a direct result of Apple’s investments.”


“When Apple rejected Epic’s request for a special deal, rather than abide by its long-running contractual agreements pursuant to which it has earned over $600 million, Epic resorted to self-help and subterfuge.

On August 3, 2020, Epic sent a Trojan horse to the App Store—a new version of Fortnite that included what Epic has euphemistically described as a “hotfix” that allows Epic to bypass Apple’s app review process and ability to collect commissions by directing app users to pay Epic instead, cutting Apple out entirely.”

The replies from Apple have answered every claim from Epic point by point. The bitter war between Apple and Epic Games will continue at the end of the month. The Apple vs Epic court arguments will continue on September 28.

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games/Official Press Release

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