Apple Watch 5 now unavailable in major markets

The Apple Watch 5 has just been removed from several Apple online stores ahead of the Apple Watch 6 and the Watch SE release.

This week will be a hectic week for Apple. If the rumors are true, Apple will work on a staggered launch of a full refreshed product lineup. September will mostly cover the Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple TV. Sometime later this year, the market could see Apple’s first-ever Apple Silicon-powered laptop.

The rumors seem to be true. Apple is priming the market to ready itself for an all-new lineup of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 5 now unavailable in several Apple online stores

9to5Mac confirms that Apple Watch 5 has just been made unavailable in the United States, China, and Japan. Even basic models with aluminum case and sports bands are also missing from the site. What this suggests is that Apple is preparing its online shop for the Apple Watch 6.

It isn’t a new strategy for the company ahead of any new release of a product. They would flush out old models from their site and replace them with brand-spanking-new tech. Therefore, this is expected from Apple. However, the same isn’t true for some European markets. Stock availability for those markets remains at normal levels.

Apple Watch 5 now unavailable in major markets

What to expect from the Apple Watch 6?

The overall design of the Apple Watch 6 will remain largely similar to the Apple Watch 5. In other words, only the color offerings of the case and the straps will change. The form factor of the Apple Watch remains faithful to the curved boxy shape of the original design. Apple most likely will not change this because it likes the instant recognition that the box shape design gets.

Apple is expected to remove the ForceTouch feature on the watch. After several generations of having it, Apple has decided to do away with it. Instead, it will focus more on the user-interface to reveal more options for navigations and menus. It could also mean that the Apple Watch can come out thinner for the Apple Watch 6.

The focus of the new refresh on the watch will still be on its users’ health. As such, the new Apple Watch 6 will have a sensor for blood oxygen levels. This means that users can feel their overall health just by seeing how high or how low their levels are. It also means that the Apple Watch can serve as a daily gauge of a person’s health status.

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