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Apple Watch 6 features panic attack detection using blood oxygen sensor


Apple Watch 6 might have a new panic attack detection feature that will notify users of any impending panic attacks.

The built in blood oxygen sensor will make the new feature a possibility. The Coronavirus pandemic is not only causing viral infection, but also mental health problems. More people have been treading lightly on their toes because of the fear of getting infected.

This is a result of being exposed to the “infodemic” that the Coronavirus has sparked in online behaviors. Researches have found out that the Coronavirus pandemic has triggered anxiety problems in several people. These anxieties may lead to depression or panic attacks.

The latter ones are characterized by physical manifestations such as increased heart rates, palpitations and pounding heart. These manifestations come and go, and Apple is working on a tech that can detect incoming panic attack.

Apple Watch 6 mental health monitoring apps

The Apple Watch 6 is reportedly coming with a blood oxygen sensor that can help with detecting physical changes triggered by mental health disorders. The rumors late last April was confirmed by the Jon Prosser, a famous Apple leakster, in a podcast over the weekend.

They can identify a panic attack before it happens and warn you on your watch. Especially if you’re driving, they’ll ask you to pull over and they’ll offer breathing exercises once you get pulled over.

Blood oxygen sensors that come with the watch will work together with the heart rate monitor to determine whether the user is hyperventilating or is experiencing severe stress. It is still not clear how the feature will actually work. The reports show that the watch will help in curbing the panic attacks by providing a breathing exercise for the users.

The panic attack detection might be announced with the release of the Apple Watch 6, but it might take another six months for the feature to be rolled out. It is still also unclear if the feature will be available to older Apple Watch models.

Apple Watch 6 Sleep monitoring feature

The Apple Watch 6 might see the biggest bump in its functionality with the new rumored sleep monitoring feature. Instead of relying on 3rd party apps, the Apple Watch might come with a native sleep tracking app that is fully designed to run overnight without draining battery life.

Kid friendly version of the Apple Watch

Apple is also reportedly releasing a kid version of the Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch will be easier for kids and parents to use. The latter will have better monitoring of their kids’ physical activities throughout the day.

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