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Apple Watch 6 may have a round face and new health features


The release of the Apple Watch 6 is just right around the corner. Its new features promise a more functional smart watch.

The new Apple Watch 6 release is set to debut alongside the iPhone 12 series. Sadly, there is a strong possibility that such a release will be delayed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

If such watch gets released sooner or later, loyal fans who have patiently waited will be rewarded generously with new features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Look-alike

Apple has, reportedly, filed for a patent for a new smartwatch with a round face. Basing on our learning from the past launches, filing for a patent doesn’t necessarily translate to the actual product hitting the market.

Nevertheless, a round face for the new Apple Watch is a welcome sight to see after the square form factor that the watch has had since its debut.

The rumors for the new form factor still holds water as of now. Changing the entire shape of the watch will have to force Apple to revise all the inner works that they have applied before on the watch.

Native Health and Fitness App

The success of the watch is based highly on its promise to keep people healthy whether in doing daily physical activities or even deep in sleep.

As such, the new Apple Watch is rumored to come with a native fitness app. Previous to this update, Apple Watch users had to rely on 3rd party apps for such feature.

The new fitness app will go beyond the tracking of the normal fitness activities such as running, cycling, and swimming. Instead, it will have guided exercises and workouts.

Integrated Sleep Tracking Feature

Back in 2017, Apple quietly acquired the sleep tracking technology of Beddit. This might be the year we see the technology gets integrated with the new Apple Watch.

The main feature of the Beddit sleep tracking device is its focus on the quality of sleep of the user. It tracks the oxygen levels of the user, heart rate pace, and overall sleep quality.

The integration has taken three years to make because the main concern for the watch is battery life. With the new feature setting in, Apple Watch 6 will have to work fully for 24 hours.

Given this possible addition, the new watch may now have a longer battery life or a better battery management system.

Apple Watch Kids

The Apple Watch 6 series set to be released later this year might have a new addition, especially for kids.

The new watch will feature better parental controls over the apps and the contacts that the younger users may use.

Moreover, the new watch for kids will push for more active youth. They will do this by virtually rewarding the physical activities done by them.

Images used courtesy of 9to5Mac/YouTube Screenshot

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