Apple Watch 6 promising specs, features and everything that users need to know

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch 5 (From Apple Official Page)

The much awaited Apple Watch 6 is not going to be in the market for some time due to the deadly COVID-19.

Apart from the Apple Watch,  the iPhone 12 lineup is also affected by the outbreak. Despite the delay, there are still speculations surrounding the Series 6 smartwatch. 

The overall design

The design philosophy of the smartwatch looks the same from its predecessors. Aside from having a slight bump on the display size, Apple Watch 6 has a different material that might be used for the watch.

The appearance of the watch was not revamped. Given the detail that Apple first introduced its Apple Watch back in 2014. Enthusiasts should not assume any principal changes pertaining to the design. Let alone modifications to make the smartwatch look more distinctive.

Furthermore, speculations relayed that a circular watch face will be the upcoming component in the coming years. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple might adopt a more sophisticated style to enhance its physical appearance.

New watch face options

Apple Watch Series 6 brings a refreshing software update compared to its predecessor. Apple gadgets can also access your photos through the new Watch Face feature. The configurations are shared as a unique document through AirDrop.

Apple, as an alternative, might allow users to “share” their faces. The new “Share Your Face” feature allows users to share specific watch face configurations to others. The iOS 14 code was the source of the said leaks.

Owing to that, watchOS 7 could add an analog-style tachymeter that can measure pace and distance. The watchOS 7 is capable of adding an “international” option that lets the user pick out a nation’s flag as their smartwatch strap.

The concept promotes the idea of showing the user’s nationality and how proud they are of their beloved country. Other rumors on Apple Watch 6 have been circulating includes TouchID fingerprint sensor and strong privacy measures to ensure and protect the privacy of the documents.

A brand new fitness app

Fitness has always been the focus of the Apple Watch since its inception. According to reports, the tech giant is reportedly running on a new standalone fitness app. This one would provide users a guide on the way to gym sessions. 

Native sleep tracking is finally here

A lot of people need to recognize if Apple Watch will soon incorporate a nap sensor. Way back in 2017 after Apple acquired Beddit, rumors were spreading like wildfire that a “sleep app” was going to be preinstalled within the App store.

Sleep monitoring is only available thru third-party apps, and the problem here for Apple has always been battery life. The current Apple Watch models works for half a day in a normal usage. This feature might also require overnight monitoring, which Apple still would not have the battery for it.

Image courtesy of Apple Watch Series 5/Apple Official Page

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