Apple Watch 6, to be announced on September 15

Apple Watch 6, to be announced on September 15

The Apple Watch 6 is certain to be launched on September 15 after Apple announces its virtual event.

Apple is the busiest tech company right now. In less than one week, it will open the floodgates to a slew of new products for its fans around the world to enjoy. In the lineup are the new iPhones, a new iPad, two possible new Apple Watches, and several other Apple products in their ecosystem.

Nothing has been normal in 2020. As such, Apple had to adjust its usual launches. This year’s WWDC 2020 event was hosted completely online. It’s production timelines are pushed back by a few months because of the global lockdown. Nevertheless, the company still has its head high now that the worst seems to be behind.

Apple Watch 6 to be unveiled on September 15

Apple released on its website event tab an invite to join the September 15 event. The only thing uploaded that can be seen is a creative take on the Apple logo. However, 9to5Mac says that the official press invite has the tagline “Time Flies.” While it isn’t confirmed yet, this seems to be the company’s reference to the Apple Watch.

It could mean another thing altogether. However, the most logical interpretation of this is the new Apple Watch 6. It could also be referring to the alleged Apple Watch SE that might come with the premium version.

Similar to WWDC 2020, the September 15 event will be held completely online. The event will also not be presented live. Apple will most likely release a pre-taped event with beautiful transitions that showcase different parts of the Apple Campus. The event can be watched live on the Apple website, Apple TV, and most likely, YouTube.

What will be released with the new wearable?

Based on the tagline to the press, it would seem like only the Apple Watch will be released. However, earlier rumors noted that the Apple Watch and a new iPad would be released together.

Jon Prosser said that Apple might just release the Apple Watch and the new iPad via a press release. He couldn’t be more wrong. Nonetheless, he could still save his reputation if the iPad indeed launches with the Apple Watch.

The iPad to be released is expected to be the iPad Air 4. It has been a while since the iPad Air got a facelift. Fortunately, rumors indicate that the new mid-range iPad will look extremely similar to the iPad Pro. This is a welcome sight considering the edgier and futuristic look of the Pro model.

Image from Apple Events

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