Apple Watch, Apple Watch Pro coming in soon

Apple Watch, Apple Watch Pro coming in soon

The Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Pro are reportedly arriving as early as next week according to Apple leakster, Jon Prosser.

In less than a week, Apple will commence its foray into a year-end full of product launches. Starting the big reveals are the Apple Watch and the new iPad Air 4.

The new Apple Watch 6 will not just be the only smartwatch released. Instead, Apple will apply the SE touch on the line. In other words, two new smartwatches are set for an announcement. As to the specific name of the watches, there are still mixed rumors about it.

Apple Watch and Apple Watch Pro only?

Among all the devices that Apple has, only the iPhone has received the SE approach. The SE is Apple’s way of entering the low to mid-range market without necessarily watering down the company’s branding.

Now it seems like the same is going to be applied to the Apple Watch. Apple’s wearable has been dominating the market. However, there are cheaper alternatives, such as Fitbit and Samsung’s smartwatches. As such, Apple wants to fend them off from eating up their share of the pie.

Jon Prosser, a well-known Apple insider, shares that the Apple Watch SE will, in fact, not be called as such. Instead, it will name the cheaper smartwatch as just the Apple Watch. The higher-end, on the other hand, will be called the Apple Watch Pro.

There are still doubts with regard to this strategy as the Pro monicker is reserved only for the ultra-decked out devices. It remains to be seen how Apple will officially name the watches. Nevertheless, this news only confirms that Apple will release two smartwatches.

What will come with the cheaper version?

The features of the Apple Watch Pro hasn’t been a secret. It will finally come with a sleep tracker, which its avid users have been asking for quite some time. The same feature is not expected to arrive with the Apple Watch. Instead, it will be a watered version of its Pro model.

Its form factor will most likely follow the Apple Watch Series 3 body. It will also not come with an always-on feature. In addition, the basic Apple Watch will also not get the ECG reader, which makes the wearable an ultimate health guide.

As for the pricing, the basic Apple Watch might retail only at US$199. In other words, it will hover somewhere the low-end and mid-range end.

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