Apple Watch becomes lifesaver for Georgia man!

In yet another high point for the California tech giant, Apple Watch just saved the life of a Georgia man who had a low heart rate.

According to iMore, Apple Watch became a lifesaver for a man in Georgia. Keith Simpson’s Watch revealed he had a low heart rate caused by seven blood clots. Simpson credits his smartwatch to save his life after the blood pressure monitor suggested he take medical attention.

The Georgia man is a 43-year-old photographer. He took up the profession to remain healthier because outdoor photography allowed him to go out of the house.

Apple Watch: A trustworthy companion!

When it comes to inspiring stories, Apple Watch had got a lot of them since its arrival a few years ago. Each year, the new series, consistently, has also become advanced with crucial health-related features. It has proved to be vital and helpful for all users with severe diseases or any other illness. Speaking about the latest case of Keith Simpson, then he went for medical attention after noticing a severe drop in his heart rate. His Watch and a blood pressure monitor played a significant role.

After referring to the Hospital, the staff found seven blood clots, which they could treat in time. Eventually, Simpson gave all the credit to his Apple Watch. Moreover, his wife gifted him a new one as well, to celebrate a successful treatment.

Keith later emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook and thanked him. He wrote:

“I’ve heard life-changing stories of people using Apple products, I just never thought one of those stories would be me until it was.”

Interestingly, Cook replied, saying stories like his “inspires us to keep pushing forward.”

Upcoming products from Apple in 2021

Meanwhile, the California tech giant is currently preparing to give new surprises in the new year. Just like 2020, tech enthusiasts and fans are looking forward to exciting products from the company. In the coming months, the AirTags and AirPods Studio will make their way publicly. An announcement is likely to happen soon. Then there’s the next version of iOS software for all the Apple devices.

And yes, the Apple Watch series will see an upgrade as well later in the year. It’s rumored to come with some exciting features once again. As of now, they are not officially confirmed, though.

Before 2021 ends, there will be a new iPhone as well. Or, more precisely speaking, the iPhone 13. It’s also in the buzz these days due to many rumors and speculations surrounding it. Several reports say that it will have a portless design with a “no notch” display. Unless an official announcement is made, must take such claims with a grain of salt.


Image courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot

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