Apple Watch Pro, fast-charging might be possible

Apple Watch Pro, fast-charging might be possible

The Apple Watch Pro could reportedly be getting a fast-charging feature after a leakster enigmatically shares lacking details about it.

Apple is set for an extremely hectic two months. Not only it is expected to refresh its complete lineup of products, but it is also foreseen to launch the very first Apple Silicon-powered laptop.

Starting the new launches of products are the Apple Watch and two possible new iPads. Unfortunately, there have been mixed signals regarding the wearable. It seems like there are three new watches in the lineup. However, the cheapest model will not come until next year.

Apple Watch Pro to get a blue color and fast charging

The complete facelift of the Apple Watch lineup is quite exciting, considering the rumors about it. Firstly, the most expensive watch in the fold will allegedly get “the most beautiful color,” according to L0vetodream. If its any indication, David Phelan of Forbes seems to suggest that the color of the Apple event invite has something to do with the new color.

It may be true, but the wait for the new color of the watch will not be too long anymore. Also, if Apple maintains its color options, interested customers can choose from a wide array of palettes, now that the blue one is available.

While the new color of the watch is interesting to know, the fast charging will definitely pique more interest from potential customers. The Apple Watch Pro is expected to have sleep tracking. The Apple Watch already runs a full day on a single charge. However, users still have to charge it overnight to use it the next day.

As a result, Apple had to put off the sleep tracking on the watch. Now that fast charging is available, sleep tracking becomes more logical.

Three new watches?

Two weeks ago, Jon Prosser shared that there could be two new Apple Watches coming. It was still then named as the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch. However, one week after that, it was followed up by another rumor about a potential third watch. These rumors become clear after an analysis by David Phelan.

He supposes that there could be three new watches in the Apple Watch lineup, namely, the Apple Watch Pro, Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch SE. His analysis makes sense as Apple tries to widen its offering of watches to ward off its competitors.

The wait for these watches will not be too long anymore. The Apple Event is set on September 15 at 6:00am PDT.

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