Apple Watch SE allegedly in works for 2021 release

The Apple Watch SE is allegedly set for a 2021 release, and it will be a cheaper smartwatch option for those that would like to try Apple’s wearable.

Apple realizes that the fight isn’t on their premium products anymore. As smartphone companies raise their products’ price, fewer people can afford. As such, they have been forced to rethink their pricing strategy. Now, it seems like the battle is on the field of mid-tier products.

Apple knew this, so they quickly released a surprise iPhone SE, which was well-received by the market. Next year, they are allegedly releasing another SE device, but this time for the Apple Watch series.

Apple Watch SE to be released in 2021

The new Apple Watch SE will be a cheaper model of the Apple Watch. The strategy will be similar to the iPhone SE. The Apple Watch series will be on its sixth model this year, and the SE will essentially just be an old version replacing the Series 3.

Komiya Tweeted that the design of the Apple Watch SE will be dated. He said that it would most likely sport the form factor of the Apple Watch 3. However, it will have the processor of the newest Apple Watch 6 to be released. Instead of maintaining the old S3 chip, it will sport the newest S6 chip.

Also, it will have 16GB of storage, Bluetooth 5.0, and an option for cellular models. Instead of having two sizes for the watch face, the SE will just have the 42mm model. Again, this is similar to the strategy on the iPhone SE. Apple does not want to splice the lower-end market further. Instead, it just wants a singular focus on one item.

No premium features

Other than the latest S6 chipset and the signature Apple experience, the Apple Watch SE will have limited features compared to the Apple Watch 5.

It will have the standard activity tracking apps. However, the ECG monitor will most likely be missing. It has been a staple feature in Apple Watch 4 and 5. Apple is reportedly taking it further to make it a blood pressure monitor in the Apple Watch 6.

The SE version will also not have the always-on feature similar to its higher-end counterparts. It is still unclear if Apple will dress the new sleep tracker on the SE.

The leaks mentioned above are still unverified. Only Apple can confirm this next year if they release such a product. Be that as it may, it seems logical for the company to pivot to this new mid-tier strategy.

Image from Hadrian/Shutterstock

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