Apple Watch Series 6 is the perfect health companion

Apple Watch Series 6 is the perfect health companion

The Apple Watch Series 6 announced on Tuesday is the perfect health companion for users that need to monitor their health status regularly.

Apple had a jam-packed September 15 event. They did not only announce new devices, but they also released new subscription bundles for their users.

It’s an exciting time for Apple as this is just the first tile falling in a long stack of events happening before the year ends. To start the ball rolling, Apple opened its event with Tim Cook tipping his hat to those that are adjusting to life because of COVID-19. It was then followed by how the Apple Watch has saved many lives.

After this, the official reveal of the Apple Watch 6 was announced. Below are the details about it.

Apple Watch Series 6 highlights health tracking

The Apple Watch Series 6 does not look distinct from the Series 4 or Series 5. At face value, Apple is introducing new chassis colors for the body. It discontinued the white ceramic option but replaced it with their signature Product Red.

Despite the slight changes externally, the magic really happens inside the body of the new wearable. The Series 6 has a new infrared sensor that brings blood oxygen measuring to the watch. This bit of news was already leaked early on. Nevertheless, Apple confirming the feature is a good sign for those looking forward to the sensor.

The pulse oximeter sensor can both be used for fitness and wellness purposes. In just 15 seconds, the user can monitor the level of his blood oxygen to know the overall status of his body. Apple also announced the latest Apple Silicon S6 that powers the Apple Watch.

Full customization of the faces and bands

Due to the overall external change of the Apple Watch, Apple is compensating on it by allowing full customization of the accessories and watch faces. In the former, Apple announced the Solo Loop. It’s a buckleless band that allows easy sliding in and out of the users’ wrist. It comes in seven different colors and sizes to choose from.

The Solo Loop also comes in a braided form that is used from recycled yarn, pushing further that Apple wants to be eco-friendly moving forward.

As for the watch faces, Apple has introduced several new faces to choose from. This isn’t new as they’ve announced this in WWDC 2020. However, they’ve added even more options with Memojis interaction being one of the cutest in the lineup.

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