Apple Watch Series 6, three things not talked about

Apple Watch Series 6, three things not talked about

The Apple Watch Series 6, despite its long presentation on Tuesday, still has more to it than what was announced during the event.

On Tuesday, Apple went all-in with the upgrades on the iPads. They introduced an all-new iPad Air that looks stunningly similar to the iPad Pro. The company also refreshed the entry-level iPad with a faster processor, but still maintaining the same form and design.

Apple also announced the Apple Watch SE. It is touted to be the company’s way to attract new users to try out its smartwatch. It is also a way to attract early adopters to switch up to a new Apple Watch. Alongside the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Series 6 was also introduced.

Despite the long presentation on the latest version of the Apple Watch, there were still crucial details that were omitted.

Apple Watch Series 6 faster charging and better battery health

The newest Apple Watch previously needed 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge from 0 to 100% fully. Now, it will take one hour and a half to juice up the wearable. Also, the battery life has improved.

Apple has had a beating for the Apple Watch’s poor battery health in its previous generation. Fortunately, they’ve made up for their mistakes and are giving its users what they want.

The one hour decrease in charging time and the undisclosed improvement in the battery health might seem insignificant. However, they are more crucial than ever. The Apple Watch 6 boasts an always-on screen that is now brighter than its previous generation. It also now has sleep tracking, which gobbles up a significant amount of battery charge.

As such, the decreased charging time can be taken advantage of, so that the user can slap on the smartwatch before going to bed to make full use of the sleep tracking.

Accessories are plenty for the watch, except for one

Apple also announced an all-new strap for the Apple Watch Series, the Solo Loop. It’s a stretchy material that comes in nine different sizes and seven different colors. The options are plenty because Apple wants the watch to be in contact with the wrist at all times.

One thing Apple didn’t announce, which was crucial, was that they didn’t include a power brick with the Apple Watch. However, they shipped the charging puck anyway. This strategy is for Apple to achieve a more environment-first future. It could also be foreboding the earlier rumors that the company may not ship power bricks with the iPhones too.

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