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Apple Watch Series 7 circular design not happening


The Apple Watch Series 7 is rumored that it will get a redesign, but it will most likely not be a round shape similar to its peers.

Apple’s Apple Watch was created not just to simply tell time or entertain. Instead, it was made to be a health companion short of being a diagnostic lab.

The current features of the most premium Apple Watch allow its users to tell blood oxygen levels, heart rates, and quality of sleep.

The company wants to even push the tech further to make it the ultimate health tracker for its users.

Apple Watch Series 7 might get blood sugar level tracking

Tim Cook has always toyed with the idea of installing a blood sugar level tracker on the Apple Watch. This step forward is the natural course as ECG and blood-oxygen monitors are already in place on the wearable.

Unfortunately, the majority of the blood sugar level gauges still require blood samples. Of course, having an invasive blood collection apparatus on the Apple Watch is not an option.

Samsung is reportedly working on the same technology this year. In fact, it is set to release its next premium smartwatch with blood sugar level measurements. The technology allegedly tracks the glucose level in the blood without finger pricking.

Nonetheless, having this technology out there is a good indication that the Apple Watch will soon follow. Whether it will be available on the Apple Watch Series 7 or not will be up for debate. One thing for sure is that Apple will not rush into releasing this extremely useful feature in the market without guaranteeing its accuracy.

A round circular watch face is not happening

Apple likes setting itself apart from its competitors at face value. Therefore, all rumors indicating that the company will redesign the watch face into a round shape can be put to rest.

If at all, Apple may even be tinkering with the idea of making the watch face even more rectangular. After all, it is evident that the company likes the identical design language on the iPads the iPhones. Even the upcoming M1 iMac shares a similar look with the company’s tablets and smartphone.

Apple Watch fans can expect the company to offer more color options in its next release. The color options will most likely include those available on the iPad Air lineup.

Apple’s new watches will be made available sometime in September or October similar to its releases in the past years.

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