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Apple will keep the newest iPad 8th gen as an entry-level device


Apple may release the 8th generation of the iPad later this year. It may have a bigger screen while keeping the same form factor as the previous generation.

Apple is experiencing unprecedented success by ushering in the new iPhone SE. More people have been welcomed in the Apple ecosystem because the barrier to entry has been brought down. The company did the inverted strategy on the iPad line up when it introduced the iPad Pro back in 2018, and they are also experiencing record sales for the new device.

The iPad has been a perennial device for productivity, and fans are about to get the 8th iteration of the beloved entry-level device.

More screen the same form factor

The 8th generation iPad will not see much of a difference compared to its predecessor. It will have the same body form factor, but it will have a bigger screen. Although it may not be as boxy as the iPad Pro, the face of the iPad 8th gen will look similar to thinner bezels around the entire screen surface.

According to Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is reportedly working on two refreshed iPads. First is the 10.8-inch screen, and the other an 8.5 to 9-inch screen. In most likelihood, Apple will not drastically change the body of the iPad. Instead, it will just push the screen size further into the bezels.

The iPad with the smaller screen will most likely be the iPad Mini, and will not be released until the first quarter of 2021.

More power with the A12 chip

The available iPad model in most Apple websites run only the old A10 Fusion Chip. That means the latest iPads run a two-year-old chipset that no iPhone actually uses anymore. The 8th generation of the iPad may run the A12 chip, which is faster and can handle more apps running at the same.

Unfortunately, Apple may hold back on incorporating the latest A13 bionic chip that currently powers the latest iPhone models. The move may be a strategy of Apple to prevent the entry-level iPad to cannibalize the market of the iPad Pro.

Announcement and release

The new iPad 8th generation will most likely be released with the iPhone 12 line up later this year. It wouldn’t be out of character for Apple to release a refreshed devices alongside the newer iPhones towards the end of the year.

Apple may also release a refreshed version of the iPad Pro 2020 that may have 5G connection capabilities that will pave the way for more powerful iPads in 2021.

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