Apple will release a new Mac laptop away from Intel

Apple will release a new Mac laptop next year with its processors, giving users better performance.

It is no doubt that Apple products usually cost high, but users often report it has excellent performance. Apple will release its new Mac laptop next year, according to Bloomberg. It is also said to have more improvements included.

What is With the New Mac Laptop?

Apple started doing critical technology upgrades in February 2018. Analyst Ming Chi Kuo affirmed this. The upgrade started from iPhone 5G compatibility to iPads with medium-size panel technology.

Before, Apple used Intel processors for its high-end products. But according to the report, Apple’s New Mac laptop will come with its chips. Currently, the company is together with Cupertino in the process. With their three chips, they aim to get away from traditional processors. 

These chips are also known as systems-on-a-chip chips. Based on the A14 processor, these chips will develop as much faster than Apple’s releases. 

The 5-nanometer production technique will be its components’ base, according to some sources. The upcoming iPhone and iPad Pros will also use the same component. Apple promised that they would develop the processor to become faster and to get away from Intel. Intel is Apple’s current supplier.

The custom chips that new Mac laptops will be using are not on the same level as in other high-end Apple products. So this transition from Intel to their original chips suggests a bigger upgrade. Moreover, Apple Mac will still run using Mac OS rather than switching it into iOS. It is despite the next iPhones and iPads’ chip design.

Apple’s Aim and The Release of New Mac Laptop

Apple is currently designing and developing its processor. It is also to gain more control over their devices’ performances. Moreover, they aim to have more significant differentiation from their competitors in the market.

The number of cores available will double or quadruple compared to past devices. It is set for the initial release of the new Apple Mac laptop. Yet, this kind of upgrade is complicated. It requires Apple to have a strong collaboration with different component-sourcing teams. Thus, users will expect a gradual change in the upgrade.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will release a new Mac laptop in 2021 with its processor. The first release has eight high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores. These are also known as Firestorm and Icestorm.

In other sources, it stated that Apple is developing its chips, adding 12 more cores. It will give laptops more bandwidth useful for multi-tasking and better performance.

On the matter of cost, many users see significant upgrades following higher prices. According to Ming-chi Kuo, switching Intel to own chips allows processor costs by 40-60%. It showcases the company acquiring more flexibility over development. Thus, there is a rumor that this transition could be better and more extensive.

What to Expect with the New Mac Laptop

Since this is the first time that Apple will release a new Mac laptop, no users had proof of how worth buying it will be. But, the company is planning to improve devices’ connectivity. It might be useful for users using both iOS and Mac.


Images courtesy of Karsen Madsen/Pexels, Pixabay/Pexels

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