Apple’s iPad sales witnessed record growth in Q4 2020

Just recently, Apple shared a great revenue report, and now its iPad sales have witnessed tremendous growth as well in the fourth quarter of 2020.

According to iMore, the Apple iPad models of 2020 saw a vast increase in their sales in Q4. The shipments of many variants were quite impressive. The overall global shipments jumped to a 13-quarter high of 51.56 million units in 2020’s fourth quarter.

Apple’s iPad models are doing good!

Speaking in detail, the California tech giant’s 10.2-inch iPad drove tablet shipments to a record high. Last year’s performance is exceptional compared to past quarters. However, new reports also revealed that in 2021, they would fall 30 percent in the first quarter. And that is because of rising chip shortages.

Global tablet shipments grew 17.6 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. It was due to many people willing to work from home amid a pandemic. And thus, the demand grew significantly as well. Most of the users are using tablets only while doing video calls or any professional meetings and interactions.

When it comes to Apple’s rise in tablet shipments, the new eighth-gen iPad models were the most excellent reason. The company launched them in September 2020, and since then, they have been in demand. Although these are entry-level variants, Apple reported them to be its most popular models. Seventh-gen iPads in 2019 were also very positively received among the users.

There have been rumors about a new version of the company’s tablet series in the last few months. This year might see another launch of a new product in the line-up.

Upcoming products from the company

Meanwhile, the iPhone maker is preparing to surprise all tech enthusiasts once again in the new year. While 2020 saw the arrival of a budget 2nd gen iPhone SE and iPhone 12 line-up, 2021 is expected to give more than that.

Speaking of new products in the coming months then AirTags and AirPods Studio are the current frontrunners. An upcoming Apple event might result in their official reveal. They were delayed last year due to some reasons.

In June, the WWDC event will take place, thus giving the first look at iOS 15. Similar to what iOS 14 has done, it’s said to feature a fresh design and many privacy-based options.

Then there’s a new rumored iPad model also. It will reportedly feature 2019’s flagship A13 chip and a thinner build. Several reports also say that some models will get an upgrade of a mini LED.

Last but never least, before the end of the year, the world will also witness the next-gen iPhone 13 line-up. When it comes to leaks and early reports, then it’s surrounded by a ton of them.


Image courtesy of Apple UAE/YouTube Screenshot

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