Apple’s iPhone may be getting a foldable or flip design soon

Apple iPhones may be getting a foldable or flip design treatment soon

Apple’s iPhone flagship may allegedly have a foldable or flip model in the works. It is expected that the innovation would be within the labs inside the Apple Campus in Cupertino.

This year marks the advent of 5G. It will be present in all smartphones, whether premium or budget ones. 5G will open the floodgates for connectivity speeds never before realized. Not only that, but 5G will also make the experience of using smartphones completely unique because of the ultra high-definition contents.

Aside from 5G, this year is also setting a precedent for a future of smartphones. Despite having its first foldable phone last year, Samsung experienced a big setback with the Galaxy Fold. This year, they are set to redeem themselves with the Galaxy Fold 2.

As expected in an Apple-like manner, the Cupertino-based company is also reportedly working on a foldable phone too.

Apple iPhone sandwich

The leak about the foldable Apple iPhone was released via a Tweet by Jon Prosser. He has had a good record of leaking Apple contents. Nevertheless, it is still not certain whether his leaks are true or not.

According to Prosser, the foldable iPhone will not work with a foldable screen. Instead, the device looks more like two stand-alone screens connected by a hinge. Nonetheless, Prosser claims that the new iPhone’s display is seamless. The split between the two screens will not be too obvious. The closest model to this type of design is Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

Prosser also adds that the new iPhone will have a notchless display, and will adapt the round edges similar to the iPhone 11. The additional detail of the round edges makes the leak less credible. Apple is now working on making all of their devices look more boxy the same with the iPhone 4 or the present iPad Pro 2020.

The hinge design leak is still a bit vague, whether it will fold both inwards and outwards. Still, it will be exciting should Apple push through in releasing their take on double display devices.

WWDC 2020 announcement

Apple is set to host the WWDC 2020 less than a week from now. The event will be entirely hosted online because of the present pandemic. Apple will announce a slew of new updates on the iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and the rest of their operating systems.

They are also expected to announce the latest line up of the iPhone 12. According to leaks, the iPhone 12 line will feature up to nine new models. All eight models are already expected to make iterations on the size and camera setup of the phones. It is the ninth phone that will be exciting to look forward to.

Apple’s WWDC 2020 event will be held on June 22. It will be free for all those who would like to attend the event.

Image courtesy of Bagus Hernawan/ Unsplash

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