Apple’s massive success with the Macbook Pro is linked to this one feature

The 13-inch Macbook Pro can be considered a critical success despite the minimal changes, and it’s all thanks to this new feature.

Apple has updated the 13-inch Macbook Pro, and despite it not getting any substantial design and performance upgrades, it has been warmly received by critics and users alike. And this mostly has to do with the new Magic Keyboard.

The problem with the old keyboard

In 2015, Apple introduced a new type of keyboard for the Macbook Pro laptops called the Butterfly Keyboard. The company did this to enable a slimmer and lighter laptop design. More than that, they also wanted to promote functionality, claiming that the keyboard will promote accurate typing as well as enhanced stability.

Apple’s intentions at the time had seemed good. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before issues started to surface, and this persisted throughout the five years of the Butterfly Keyboard’s existence.

Most of the problems experienced with the Butterfly Keyboard are with the keys. Many MacBook users complain that the thin mechanism of the keyboard gets jammed with particulates like dust and crumbs. Because of this, there are instances wherein the keys don’t press properly, repeat letters, or skip keystrokes.

Enduring the problem

Unfortunately, these problems persisted throughout the years. Apple did its best to try and fix the issues with the keyboard many times. They tried adding new components to the keyboard in the subsequent updates. Nothing much happened.

The new Magic Keyboard for the MacBook Pro

In 2019, Apple CEO Tim Cook had finally had enough with the Butterfly Keyboard. He sought to develop an alternative solution, and thus the Magic Keyboard was born.

Beginning last year, Apple rolled out a number of updates for the MacBook Pro. The 15-inch MacBook Pro upgraded to a 16-inch display. Processors, storage, and other components were also upgraded, but only to a certain extent that doesn’t exceed that of the company’s rivals. The same happened to the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

But what really stood out was the Magic Keyboard. This Magic Keyboard isn’t exactly new. In fact, Apple just returned to the old scissor-style keyboard that MacBooks had used before.

Because people had been clamoring for a change, however, it didn’t even matter that the new Magic Keyboard was just a return to the old keyboard. Five years they suffered the Butterfly Keyboard. It took Apple five years to actually decide to improve their keyboard. But that’s not what matters.

What mattered to people is that they could now finally make use of their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air without worrying about faulty keyboards. And this is what made the MacBook Pro updates massively successful even if there wasn’t really any significant hardware upgrades that were done.

Image courtesy of Fajar Tri Amboro/Shutterstock

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