Apple’s WWDC 2021 hashflag is now live on Twitter

The WWDC is almost here now, and to escalate the craze among tech enthusiasts, Twitter just activated the hashflag for Apple’s event.

Just recently, the social media platform shared the official hashflag for WWDC 2021. Users can now mention #WWDC21 while expressing their curiosity in their posts.

WWDC 2021: What you need to know?

The annual conference, just like last year, will take place in a virtual form. Developers from across the globe will join it from the comfort of their homes.

Apart from that, iOS users can also catch the stream live from their devices.

Apple has upped its game to provide a streamed event without having to invite anyone in person. In 2020, every tech fan was stunned upon witnessing the company’s virtual-only presentation.

Talking about the new hashflag for WWDC, it’s not the first time it’s been used by the iPhone maker.

Apple used this Twitter feature first time during last September’s event while revealing iPhone 12 series. Since then, it has been used for M1 iMac, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K, and AirTag.

Interestingly, for next week’s WWDC, the company uses an iMessage image in the “#WWDC21” hashflag. It’s the “thumbs-up” Tapback, which is found in the iOS messaging app. It is exclusive only to iPhones and other Apple devices.

Speaking about the upcoming virtual conference, then all the eyes will remain stuck on iOS 15. The next software version will succeed iOS 14, which most iPhone and iPad consumers currently use.

More Apple news coming this year

Meanwhile, the California tech giant is also working on its other plans for this year. It will try to continue its flow of huge revenue similar to 2020.

Last year turned out big for Apple as it sold millions of devices despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its growing impact.

The second half will also reveal lots of surprises when it comes to this calendar, apart from next week’s WWDC.

Apple Watch users will witness an upgrade with Series 7 while there are also reports of the next-gen AirPods because the Spatial Audio with Lossless feature is also coming later this month.

However, the most-awaited product, no doubt, will be the iPhone 13.

As of now, it’s rumored to release in late September, with many leaks pointing towards drastic changes.

While some speculations claim that it will have a reduced notch, others say it will bring back the beloved Touch ID.

What are your thoughts about all the major Apple announcements coming in 2021? Are you hyped already?

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Image courtesy of Rene Ritchie/YouTube

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