‘Apprentice’ producers aid RNC production; Trump to speak every night

The Republican National Convention is set to take the virtual stage next, and President Donald Trump has big plans with The Apprentice producers reportedly helping out the production.

RNC 2020 is up next after the Democrats provided an inspirational virtual production last week, with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris accepting their respective nominations for the U.S. elections.

President Trump may have taken points from his competitors’ event as he plans a whole different concept for this year’s RNC. In one of Trump’s campaign rallies, he commented on Michelle Obama’s DNC speech—where she also took shots at him—about it being pre-recorded. He then emphasized that he’ll be doing his speech live.

Trump’s reality show producers help RNC production

Before taking on the presidential role, Trump was seen and known for his reality show The Apprentice. This was somehow referenced by former President Barack Obama as well during his speech when he critiqued Trump for treating his presidency as another reality show.

Per The New York Timestwo of the show’s producers are getting involved. One of which is Sadoux Kim, who also judged in Miss Universe when Trump owned the said pageant. Former NBC entertainment executive Chuck LaBella is also reportedly going to be part of the team.

What to expect in this year’s RNC?

For one, Trump is set to be part of the program each night, as he is penned in every 10:00 p.m. of the four-night event. Meanwhile, the hope of keeping it as live as possible is one of the key things that are worth watching out for.

The news outlet quotes C-SPAN political editor Steve Scully saying:

“We’re treating this as breaking news. Once we know who’s speaking where and when, we’ll send cameras.”

Trump has been adamant with keeping the convention live, as he told Fox News last week that “it’s pretty boring when you do tapes.” Saying, “[w] e’re going to have more of it live than what they did”—comparing to the DNC’s pre-recorded “telethon-like show.”

The convention will kick off at 8:30 p.m., with the digital convention to focus heavily on the current POTUS’s accomplishments in the last four years of his administration, as CNN reports. While his plans for his re-election will also be laid out.

Two of the speakers set to take the stage are the noted McCloskey couple, Mark and Patricia. They made headlines earlier this year when they pointed guns at BLM protestors outside of their home.

The New York Times further notes that a secret “Democrats For Trump” segment will also take place, as the list of participants is kept in the dark.

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