“Are they really trying to destroy cryptos” – Facebook’s embroiderer ad rejection sparks fury

A humble UK-based embroidery company believes Facebook may have shutdown its attempt to advertise on the social media platform, simply because it accepts Bitcoin payments.

Reddit user ‘52edc’ posted a screen shot of an advertising rejection message received after attempting to promote a post on the ‘Patchion Custom Embroidered Patches’ Facebook page.

“This ad isn’t running because it promotes financial products and services, such as binary options and initial coin offerings that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices,” reads the message from Facebook.

Facebook Bitcoin
Screenshot of the advertising rejection messaged received from Facebook (Reddit u/52edc)

But the post doesn’t mention anything related to cryptocurrencies, binary options or initial coin offerings.

It features an image of a dragon and says “we are happy to support non-profits”.

Facebook Bitcoin
An attempt to promote this post was rejected by Facebook

In the post, the promoter suggests the ad was rejected because the embroidery company accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.

“They only accept BITCOIN and other cryptocurrencies as one of many payment methods. But that fact is not mentioned within the ad,” he said on Reddit.

“So whats now? Does FB bans all businesses which accepts cryptocurrencies from posting ads?

“It is very strange for me…. the steps taken by FB… hate it. Are they really trying to destroy cryptos?”

Other Reddit users have suggested the sale of Bitcoin patches could be the reason behind the rejection.

“We are Bitcoin enthusiasts too” declares the company on its Bitcoin patches sales page.

Facebook Bitcoin
Bitcoin patches offered on Patchion website.

In January Facebook announced it was banning all ads promoting cryptocurrencies and ICOs. At the time sharp falls in crypto prices were blamed on the move.

The ban was eased in June with Facebook implementing a pre-approval process for cryptocurrency related adds, however promotions related to ICOs remain on the black list.

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