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Ariana Grande sparks pregnancy rumors following ‘baby bump’ photo


Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are self-isolating together in Los Angeles.

Just like the rest of the public, Ariana Grande is observing self-isolation in her home in Los Angeles. Amid the pandemic crisis, though, she and Justin Bieber released a new single titled, ‘Stuck With You.’

It became a treat for fans and followers of both artists. But, what came as a real surprise to fans was Dalton Gomez‘s appearance on the music video. As revealed, he is Grande’s new “beau.”

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are self-isolating together

Following Gomez’s appearance, alongside Ariana Grande, several reports have since emerged that the two are self-isolating together. The artist has also continued to post various photos of her with her new boyfriend, according to The Blast.

Despite not confirming anything, the photos reportedly tell it all. Reports then noted that they are also with friends inside the ‘7 Rings’ singer’s home. They are keeping their relationship “private,” and away from the spotlight, a source said.

Pregnancy rumors amid quarantine

Ariana Grande recently celebrated her 27th birthday. She posted several photos of her, along with her friends and boyfriend.

She has since shared several snaps and clips as they continue to self-isolate in Los Angeles. On July 18, though, one of the photos she posted sparked pregnancy rumors, according to Cheat Sheet.

The publication said that Grande appears to have a “baby bump” in the photo. This then reportedly led many fans to ask in the comment section whether the artist is pregnant.

Several followers left comments and questions about her small “baby bump.” Others also reportedly commented that she is “glowing,” insinuating that she is expecting.

She has remained silent

Ariana Grande has never responded to the comments on the photo. Accordingly, it has remained unclear whether she is pregnant or not. Nevertheless, reports pointed out that the other photos on her profile do not show any “baby bump.”

While fans and followers have continued to share similar comments about a possible “pregnancy,” some reportedly had a different notion. As stated, the bump might be due to the angle of the photo.

Aside from the angle, the photo also features the artist‘s pet dog lying on her midsection. Not to mention, her legs and knees are also up. Hence, this is reportedly a possibility why she appears to have a “bump.”

In the end, though, the speculations will seemingly only end when Ariana Grande, herself, breaks her silence. But, until then, these pregnancy rumors will remain as mere rumors among fans.

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